Beyond Ecstasy Review

Title: Beyond Ecstasy
Author: Kit Rocha

Book 8 in the Beyond Series. See the reviews for previous books:

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Well they’ve done it again. Another fantastic book, gripping from the get go and smoothly through to the next book.

Sweet, unassuming Hawk, what a dark horse! I really didn’t see all that sexual tension coming. I was a bit unsure whether he would be able to keep up with our resident little temptress but he certainly managed that and more!

With the weight of  world on his shoulders and the carefree attitude of the O’Kanes would he ever be able have everything that he wanted? Would she forever be untouchable after spending so much time with Dallas and Lex?

In this book not only do we see Jeni and Hawk but we get to look further into Sector Six and check back in with a few other people. I’m really looking forward to the next book  definitely want see more of Ashwin!


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