Well what a week it has been! All fun and games over in Sector Four that is for certain! I can not believe the ending for Beyond Ecstasy, another amazing lead into the next book and some more fantastic writing from the team!

I’m now floating down from my dystopian high and back into the real world, but before I land back down with a bump … lets do a giveaway!

The fabulous Kit Rocha have very generously agreed to give us some free stuff!! Who can I interest in a Sector Four tote bag? Some Bookmark Swag? Or maybe your won signed copy of Beyond Shame?!?!

To enter make sure you’ve liked this page and tag your book bestie. You can have one entry for each book bestie you tag in. I’m going to leave this open until Monday 20th June 2016 5pm BST.

Good luck guys!


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