Falling for the Forbidden Review

Title: Falling for the Forbidden

Author: Tracy Lorraine

I’m sad to say this is my first book from this author, how have I not read her before?

I really liked this quick snippet of a book and am looking forward to the next installment.

I did find myself questioning Ben’s motives, there is lots left unsaid in this book so lots open for interpretation. Ben was hot and heavy with Lauren but outside of their time together seemed to be quite distant.

Lauren is confusing. Shes being bossed around by her dad at what age? Maybe its just all the elitest high school romance I’ve been reading where they never do what they’re told but are a lot younger lol

Either way I liked the connection between the two of them but there are definitely bigger things going on here. I’m excited to see where the story goes, 4 and a half stars for me 🙂


Wreck my World Review

Title: Wreck my World

Author: Victoria Ashley

For me, this one wasn’t quite there, it might be because I was broken off a lot but it felt to take a long time to get going but once we were there the pace was good.

I think it needed more emotion, more feeling, more explanation of the connection and how/why that changed. Her sister wasnt just “gone” she was “ripped away from her, leaving a chasm so vast she would never be whole again”.

Dakota was a feisty firy little thing, it was pretty clear what had happened to her sister after the park walk memory. I liked the way the story was written between the present and the past, although it felt like we went over everything a lot; past and then now, with her and then him, so there were parts that felt a little repetitive.

Easton was a little soft for my tastes; hes not letting her run any more, until he is, hes not letting her hide from their past anymore, oh, until he is. I liked him standing up for her, I liked the jealousy but I didn’t agree with a lot of his decisions and he just seemed not alpha enough for me.

The connection when they were together was great and the sex scenes were steamy. I’d read this author again but this one wasnt for me, 3 and a half stars

Blue Waters Review

Title: Blue Waters

Author: India R Adams

This is my first read from this author. I follow her cover designer and really liked the covers for this series, when I finally got chance to read one of then I snook it in.

My hubby very graciously let me ignore him for another evening while I devoured the pages from this book in one go. From the Preface to The End this story captivated my imagination.

I couldn’t figure Whit out, this young crazy girl, who had it all but at the same time didn’t. We go straight in with lots of characters which was a bit confusing at first but just adds to the build up in her crazy life. You could practically feel the tide before the fall and the whole world came crashing down.

Link was fantastic, I loved how his character changed and the twists and turns this story took us on. Crash was equally heartbreaking and beautiful. Two fantastic lead males in this book with such an emotional ending, it left me speechless.

It was beautifully done, 4 and a half stars from me!

On The Rocks Review

Title: On The Rocks

Author: Kandi Steiner

Kandi is a new to me author, recommended by some friends. I’ve had a run of fairly deep, emotional, angsty and dark reads so to have something a little lighter, a little more contemporary was nice.

I thought the story telling was great and there are some beautiful moments in this book, slow burn isn’t my thing.

Noah is absolutely swoon worthy, he’s hot, he’s rugged and works with his hands. He’s way more of a gentleman than I was expecting lol I really liked his cheeky nature too!

Ruby Grace is what I would think of as a typical southern belle, but then I’m not American so it might just be a stereotype 🤔 Either way, she’s sweet and kind, generous and helpful, shes just a young girl figuring out her place in life.

This was a really sweet book, the story was great, the characters were engaging, a four star read for me 🙂

Written with You Review

Title: Written with You

Author: Aly Martinez

This is the second book in the Regret duet, you need to read Written With Regret before this.

I ploughed through this book in under a day. My poor children have had to wait “one more minute” way more than they aught to and daddy has been roped in to playing many games and den building! This book has consumed me. From the very first page to the very last, this book has sucked me in, chewed me up and spat me out.

Honestly, I’m sitting here eating chocolate and wishing I had wine because the emotional rollercoaster this has taken me on is amazing, and I loved every minute of it!

I loved Caven; his heart, his compassion, his hurt and hate. Everything, he was amazing. I really liked how Aly had Ian break down the thought process and explain from the outside what might be going on. Oh and I really hope we get to see his story!

Willow was beautiful, the vision on this woman is amazing. To be able to take yourself out of the situation like that and look at it logically, on more than one occasion, is something that’s been worked on really hard. It’s not unrealistic, not for her part in it, but just an absolute testament to the person she is.

This story is absolutely jam packed with plot and we are guided through carefully. I was not expecting what happened in this book, it was fantastically done! Once again, Aly Martinez has written an amazing book! If I could give this duet more than 5 stars I would!

Malum pt2 Review

Title: Malum pt2

Author: Amo Jones

This is book 5 of The Elite Kings series.

Well that was just the absolutely perfect way to end that!

What a way to write a book, I mean seriously, the depth and intricacy to this story is amazing. I think I’m going to have to re read this at least once to make sure that I really got what was going on.

The plot is crazy involved and there is so much going on for everyone! I really wasnt sure if Tilly was going to step up or not until she decided and even then I wasn’t 100% convinced she wouldn’t change her mind.

The back and forth between Nate and Tilly is pretty intense, but then that’s just Nate all over. He’s still very bipolar in this book but we get the inside track with him that she doesn’t and I found myself shouting at her on more than one occasion.

A book that can take you from the bottom to the depths and then back again in one piece is quite a story. But it’s done so well you couldn’t not finish. I’ve done both books in 24 hours and I’m not really sure which world is real right now.

This was a fantastically dark story, it was perfect for them, done in the way only Amo Jones can!

Malum pt1 Review

Title: Makum pt1

Author: Amo Jones

This is book 4 if the Elite Kings series

I really liked the fun and flirty Nate that we saw in previous books and the lighthearted version that is included in parts in here. The other version is a little confusing.

Tillie is strong and courageous, smart, fierce, brave. She responds as I probably would so is very easy to fall into her world and her way of thinking.

I kind of thought I knew what was going on, and now I don’t. So into book 2 I go!