Rumours Review

Title: Rumours

Author: HJ Bellus

Okay so the timing on this was fantastic! I just got finished with a few books and saw this one pop up. I have read a few HJ books before and know her writing is good so went straight in blind. And, oh boy, am I glad I did!

I have read her fighter books and this is definitely a contrast! But what an amazing surprise this book was!

Dalton is a commanding, assuming, insightful, flawed human being. He is tall and broad and full of all the amazing aspects you would expect from a book Boyfriend, while still managing to be humble and learning as he goes through.

Frankie is messed up, she has gone and is going through some horrendous ordeals in this story. This book does not hold any emotions back. While we don’t necessarily get all the gory details, we do get the trauma, anxiety and stress that comes with the aftermath.

I have no experience with the things in this book but it is clear that the author has done extensive research to bring us a hard hitting, compelling yet realistic tale. And it is done so, so well. I would have maybe liked a little more on Dalton and Truckee’s history but maybe that would come out in another story.

The supporting characters are the perfect compliment to the seriousness of what she is going through and I think I’m love with Truckee a little.

This story was fantastic and I can’t wait to see what she releases next!

Teardrop Shot Review

Title: Teardrop Shot

Author: Tijan

This is a standalone story.

Okay so I finished this a few days ago and I still dont know what to write here. What an amazing story.

Loads of people told me that they were gripped from the first few chapters but it wasnt quite that way for me. An amazingly emotive story that definitely keeps it interesting.

I really liked the development through the characters and the story, wow, just wow. They both have and are going through so much from beginning to end. Her reaction to the campers is perfect haha exactly what I would have done and his reaction to her is just awesome.

This was a really great read!

Misadventures in the Cage Review

Title: Misadventures in the Cage

Author: Sarah Robinson

This is a new to me author but I really like the misadventures series, the writers are usually good so I figured it was worth a shot.

I really enjoyed the push and pull dynamic between them, a slightly Forbidden Romance with a twist here and there. I loved that he didn’t just come in and fix everything and neither did she. I like that they both made mistakes but still managed to find their way back.

Callan is hot, demanding, confused. There were a couple of moments I questioned his intentions and what was going on but I really liked him. Josie was strong and sassy, independent but not pig headed with it. She was a really great blend of a character.

I really liked this story, a great easy read!

Score Review

Title: Score

Author: Emma Louise

This is this first of the Flawed Love series and what a way to start.

This book has a little taste of it all. An epic miscommunication leads to heartbreak for both of them and words that can’t be taken back. A second chance romance, learning to love and trust again, forgiving yourself as well as the other person.

Second chance isn’t usually my bag, it’s a bit slow burny but this has plenty of romance and some amazing chemistry.

Kier is great once he gets his head out of his ass and I really loved his family. Would love to see what’s going on with TJ and Elliot! Hard to pick who I’d like to be the next book because they’re both gearing up to be great.

Like I say, second chance isnt really my thing but I loved the writing style and am looking forward to time to read the rest of these!

Take a Gamble on Love Review

Title: Take a Gamble on Love

Authors: RJ Truman & SK Clarke

New to me authors, and I’m not sure on this one. There were sections I really liked and sections I wasnt so keen on.

I really liked Tilly, she is fresh and relatable, she is just working with what shes got and getting on with her life. She is tackling life as a single mum with three children, working and getting by, with a douchey ex you cant complain about in front of the children.

Ryan is hot, he is really hot, and nerdy and geeky in all the right ways. He has some mad skills in the bedroom, or not bedroom, department and is absolutely smitten with her just where she is. Isn’t that the dream?

I would have loved to have seen this book in dual POV more and seen into his thoughts and feelings on meeting with the kids and choosing to take her to his parents. Why didn’t he tell her about the money and his past? He’s so happy snuggling up in her world he never thought about opening up to her too? I dunno, it feels a little disingenuous to me.

So its 60:40 for me, I loved Tilly, Ryan is hot but something just didn’t quite click for me.

Torn Review

Title: Torn

Author: Harper Phoenix

This is a new to me author and I just loved this cover 😍 I mean seriously, how gorgeous is that!

Okay so on to the book. There were a couple of niggly bits, things that were not to subtly mentioned that then happened, he had a freak out over not using protection in one section but had done so previously without cause for concern.

Now, Luke. Luke claims to be an asshole, he says it enough to himself, and yet, he is like the nicest guy! Okay, so he has a bit of a temper, but its directed well, hes a bit blunt, but then arent most guys. Hes kind, considerate (mostly), he loves his mum and he thinks a lot of others. Hes actually a pretty great guy!

Alissa is bag of nerves, bless her. The anxiety and agoraphobia is a nightmare, but ultimately it leads to good things. I thought Addie was a great addition but would have liked to have seen more of Alissa managing life without Addie or her process of coping on her own and I struggled a little with the timescales.

Overall it was a good story with good character development and I wanted to shout at them on more than one occasion, which is usually a good sign!

The Harder You Fall Review

Title: The Harder You Fall

Author: LA Cotton

This is the third of the Rixon Raiders story and you need to read The Trouble With You and The Game You Play before starting this one.

After what happened in The Game You Play I was so excited to see Ashers story and it absolutely lives up to everything I hoped for.

Sweet, soulful, determined Asher. After losing Flic and both of his best friends to relationships I get his dejection, his sadness. Not only being outside of an intimate relationship but also being outside of his, albeit dysfunctional, family unit too.

And then there’s Mya. Cool and calm, half of her heart has been left back home and half of her heart came with her. Shes here but is she here to stay, does she want to stay, can she let the walls down long enough to see that there are people here who care about her a great deal.

This was an amazing story, fantastically written, beautifully turned one way and then the other. It keeps you turning the pages and falling deeper and deeper in love with the characters.

A wonderful conclusion to the current Rixon Raiders.