Lust Review

Title: Lust

Author: Ker Dukey

This is the first of The Elite Seven series.

It has very definite Elite Kings (Amo Jones) vibes, secret society, all powerful, initiations etc and I really liked it!

Rhett is hot and cocky with a live and let live attitude that is perfect for Lust.

Chastity is sweet but not innocent innocent, she’s got just enough edge for her to be a complete sweety but not a push over!

They worked amazingly together and the brotherhood that has already formed is fantastic. I loved the guys using each others’ nicknames and that not everyone is best of friends straight off the bat. There’s room for some fun to be had in the subsequent books!

This was a great opening gambit to the series with enough detail to entice without overwhelming or giving the whole game away. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the other authors have got in store for us! 4 and a half fantastic stars!


Misadventures of a Curvy Girl Review

Title: Misadventures of a Curvy Girl

Author: Sierra Simone

If this is what happens I’m seriously considering gaining some weight myself, Christ on a cracker that’s one seriously hot book.

I’ve no idea what happened with her job? Minor detail I guess but I loved it.

Caleb is sweet and beautiful, an awesome contrast to Ben’s brash truth. Ireland struggles to love herself but they seem to manage really well!

Having never been a significantly bigger girl I can’t really relate to all of her issues but it’s explained beautifully, tactfully, while still maintaining Ireland’s sparkling personality. I thought she was fun and flirty, even if she did have the odd metaphorical wobble here or there, she wouldn’t be human if she didn’t.

This story is hot hot hot and will not be the last I read from this author. Thank you to the misadventures world for introducing me to another amazing writer! A fantastic 4 and a half stars from me!

River Wild Review

Title: River Wild

Author: Samantha Towle

This is my first book from this author and it’s a bit of a mixed bag from me.

While there were some sections that were definately difficult to read, particularly early on, I thought they were well written and set the scene well. My only question is if the whole narrative line was needed.

People treated River differently because of his mum’s actions, not his or the things that happened before that. Carries actions and life are in no way hindered or impeded by her experiences either. I get that the things happen, but they usually affect the person they’ve happened to and I didn’t feel they did here.

There were a number of little practical inconsistencies that can be overlooked because, well, romance but anyone whose had a child will not be back in bed 8 weeks later without a worry, care or concern as to the trauma that’s gone on there. Certainly not considering what she’s supposedly gone through previously.

That being said, the story itself is gripping and exciting. River is sweet and charming, sometimes, that train though *swoon*.

I liked the characters and how they interacted together but I’m not sure it gels right with their back stories for me. 3 and a half stars

The Kiss Quotient Review

Title: The Kiss Quotient

Author: Helen Hoang

This one was recommended to me a while ago, I downloaded it and it has been sat on my kindle for months 🤦‍♀️ Just last week, an author I follow mentioned she had read this recently and it was part of a group read! I figured I best get on with it and get it read then lol

I’m glad I did. I liked it. It’s slightly quirky but that makes sense considering what’s going on with Stella. Stella is independent and driven, she is attractive yet clueless and her ability to take life at face value gets her in to trouble on more than one occasion.

Michael is hot. He has a few dense moments and a few lightbulb moments. He’s sweet and funny, kind and generous. He’s great.

I loved the way they worked together and how both characters changed throughout the story, the story is well placed and flows smoothly. A solid four stars ❤

The Fallback Review

Title: The Fallback

Author: Mariah Dietz

This is my first book by this author and I really fancied something a little lighter, this ticks that box nicely.

It’s a slow burn contemporary romance with a wedding planner! Now, I like a good wedding and a wedding planner book sounds like it will be right up my street. The cover is beautiful, clear and colourful, not hinting anything too dark or too comedic, a nice balance.

Brooke is a bit of a hot mess; she works, a lot! Her life takes a new direction and she totally takes it in her stride. Her best friend Felicity is my favourite character!

Levi is hot. He’s comfortable in his own skin, he knows who he is and what he’s about. He’s calm and collected and anyone who can make doughnuts gets my vote!

I’ve learned that I don’t like slow burn, too many missed opportunities in my opinion. It wasn’t angsty or drizzled with sexual tension, it just seemed to take a long time to get in it’s stride. Once there though it flew.

There seemed to be a lot packed into the end as everything was tied up and explained. I think had it been dual pov that might have helped to explain some of what was going on and helped the pacing even out a little.

I liked the style and the writing, the characters were a little all over but Felicity was totally my favourite!

It’s 3 and a half stars from me but I think a lot of that is personal preference. If you like a slow burn story this could definitely be for you!


Well, this year I’ve set myseef a Goodreads challenge! I’ve not gone overboard and set it at 75. I wanted to push myself for more than 1 each week but allow myself some breathing space for life happening lol

There’s also stuff happening with reader event and I’ll need to leave space in my life for that too 🙂

I’ve started the year off amazingly! A red hot read from Max Henry and an amazing standalone from Leigh Shen. I also got to do some beta reading for Amali Rose which was fantastic and is going to be a great story

This year is lining up to be a great book year!

The Kiss Thief Review

Title: The Kiss Thief

Author: LJ Shen

I was so excited to get my copy of this book, there have been some amazing things said about it and it certainly lives up to expectations!

Wolfe is cold, calculated and determined, when the beautiful Francesca takes his fancy he can’t help but investigate. Will this distraction prove too much even the big bad senator to handle? I wanted to lick him, I wanted to slap him, I loved him and hated him all at the same time.

Frankie is young and naive, sheltered her whole life. Only to find herself being used as a pawn in a fight she didn’t know she was in, between two men who are supposed to love and cherish her. That’s not to take this innocence as weakness, oh no, there is strength in this little beauty and she proves it time and again.

I love the dual POV and it was definitely needed with everything that was happening. This is a fast and furious story of a heart breaking love destined to conquer all. It might be her best work yet, 5 amazing stars from me!