Irrevocable Review

Title: Irrevocable

Author: Addison Jane

Really enjoyed this! I think this is my first by this author and I’m sure for the veteran fans lots of the characters in here are familiar. That doesn’t take anything away from this as the first in a new series.

Ripley is awesome and Dakota is the strong independent woman we’d all like to be a little more of. The chemistry is off the charts hot and the push pull angsty goodness just keeps going.

The story is gripping and fast paced and keeps the pages turning and you glued to your chair. Once you hit 40% there’s no chance you’ll be putting this book down for anything!

There’s a great balance between explaining what has gone on in the past but without overriding the story we are in. There are a lot of characters to keep track of and sometimes that got a little confusing but they are engaging and feel into place eventually.

I really enjoyed this and will definately be looking out for more in this series 🙂


Miss Demeaner Review

Title: Miss Demeaner

Author: Beth Rinyu

This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it’s a pretty solid start.

I love the idea, spoiled princess gets cut off and shipped out to family with a job and a timescale. Grumpy man divorces gold digger and meets the princess.

Of course they’re gonna clash, of course sparks will fly. You know it, they’re hot hot sparks of lust that turn these enemies into lovers! There’s a couple of twists and turns and nothing is easily won in this life.

I would have expected her to struggle a bit more finding her own feet and thought the parents would have probably checked in a little more. It would have been nice to have had some of their input later on in the story too.

Either way it’s a nice light story with some definately funny moments. This is the perfect book for your trip to work!

The Peer and The Puppet Review

Title: The Peer and The Puppet

Author: Bebe Reid

This book was awesome. I love Bebes’ writing!

This book will take you on a twisting turning roller coaster of a ride. I loved them, I hated them, I wanted to shout at her and slap him, and vice versa.

I can’t write a review with spoilers because that’s not fair so I’m really struggling with what i can say here. Four is perfectly imperfect, Ever is beautifully broken. They certainly don’t pick each other up and make it all better, this is Bebe Reid after all.

This is not your average love story romance book but it’s a serious page turner with a quick paced story and amazing characters. The secondary characters are just as important as the main ones and just as well put together.

Looking forward to seeing where she takes this next 🙂

Office Player Review

Title: Office Player

Author: Eden Summers

Loved it.

Flew through in a day.

Light, fun, angsty, the push and pull of this friends to lovers romance is captivating and page turning. There’s some sultry slow burn in and amongst the super hot sex scenes giving this a lovely balance.

The characters are human and flawed and the whole thing just flowed beautifully. I really enjoyed this and found it really easy to read. The perfect book to take on holiday with you!

Freaks Review

Title: Freaks

Author: Callie Hart

This is the third book in the Dirty, Nasty, Freaks trilogy.

What an amazing ending!

I looooove Fix and Sera! Z is pretty awesome too so I’m going to need to read Blood & Roses to get his story and see what is going on there.

This is the culmination of some serious trials and tribulations! I can’t even say anything without ruining the book but it’s amazing. The web that is woven within these pages is another feat of writing.

The story is captivating and grabs you from the very first page, of book one, and doesn’t let you go until the very end of book three. It’s moving and seriously hot in places- woman knows how to write a sex scene!

The writing is good, the story is good, the characters are flawed and human and the combination is heady.

This has been an absolute whirlwind of a series and I’ve loved every second.

Fliptrick Review

Title: Fliptrick

Author: Amo Jones

Something a little different from Amo Jones but still with her creative style and flow.

I’m not sure the pacing was quite right for me and I’m left a little confused by the whole Travis situation. But that is probably because there is absolutely so much happening in the second half of the book that the pages were flying by so quickly!

I love a quirky rebel girl and Ame certainly falls into this category. She’s a little nerdy and unsure of herself at first but it’s great to see the character develop and the strong independent woman she becomes.

Who could go wrong with Wolf, Talon and Maddox? There’s a little bit of everything you like in there and you’re certainly not left wanting for badass alpha males in this book!

It’s a great read with strong characters and the most amazing cover! I absolutely love this cover and the story lives up to its alternate nature.

Bane Review

Title: Bane

Author: LJ Shen

Obviously, everything LJ Shen writes is complete gold and Bane is no exception.

After the last book there was lots of speculation as to who would be able to tame the free spirit that is Bane and if they even should. There’s a lovely balance between fun free and playful Bane and the cold ruthless business head that got him named as Vicious’ successor.

Jesse is a beautifully written character. Lost and broken her world ignites once in the safe cocoon that is Bane’s reputation. This safety allows her space to heal from the trauma in her life and reclaim her sense of self.

Thats not to say that he’s free and clear and doesn’t make more than one mistake throughout the book. They’re both wonderfully human despite living in the extraordinary world of the Four HotHoles and bring a touch of every day life in with them.

As expected the writing is fantastic, the story keeps the pages turning and you coming back for more. Another fantastic book!