Bittersweet Alwats Review

Title: Bittersweet Always

Author: Ella Fields

This is book two of the series.

I knew Toby would get me. I love the broken ones and he was amazing!

Pippa is sweet and sassy, fighting her own demons and taking on the world. She was strong and independent, caring and cautious, she stood back and she took control. I know a lot of that doesn’t make sense but she was both ends of the scale.

Toby was up and down, with it and without. He was as amazing at the top as he was the bottom. I loved this story. Not just them as a couple but individually too, their personal developments throughout this book were great as well.

The story drags you in, breaks your heart and sort of pieces I’d back together again. I absolutely adore the way these books are written and the way the stories unfold. Another 5 stars from me.


Suddenly Forbidden Review

Title: Suddenly Forbidden

Author: Ella Fields

This is the first book in the series.

What an amazing story! Heartbreakingly beautiful.

I love the slightly geeky creative girl and the sports hero combination. It calls to my inner nerd. His protective nature and beautiful gentle care are put through the wringer in this college romance.

I really liked Daisy too! Pippa makes an amazing sidekick and I hope her story is next. I’m completely in love with this series and heading straight into the next book!

Scary Hot Review

Title: Scary Hot

Author: KD Robichaux

This is a spin off from an Aurora Rose Reynolds series that I haven’t read. I’m told it can be read stand alone so that’s what I did!

I would say it worked as a stand alone. I didn’t feel like there was lots of info missing or like it went over everything 50 times, there was a good balance.

Z is Scary Hot and hes awesome! I like my heros as big scary bikers so that works for me lol I loved his story as it came out throughout the book and his take on life was great. There was one moment he talked about retraining her which rubbed me up the wrong way but that might be language more than anything. If he had said about taming the kitten or something along those lines i would have felt differently about it. I think it was semantics more than anything.

Kayan is a pocket rocket! To start with she is a powerhouse of tiny woman, as she slowly devests her worries onto her man you see the insecure girl underneath shine through. But she’s not alone, hes there to catch her!

Although their romantic story has a great ending there were a few bits from the actual plot that never got finished. Maybe they’re tied off in the other books, I’m not sure, but it felt little incomplete.

The chemistry is off the charts and the angsty build up is great. I thought them as a couple worked really well!

Greed Review

Title: Greed

Author: Amo Jones

This is book 5 of the Elite Seven

I didn’t really like this one, it was much more Evies story than Micah and I didn’t think it fit in with the rest of the books so far.

I’m glad Amo pulled it as it didn’t fairly represent her or her work. I get life happens and some times you’ve just got to say it isn’t working for me.

Choosing Us Review

Title: Choosing Us

Author: M Robinson

This is the first of a duet.

Omg how does she do this to us? What a point to break at. There is a reason that she is called the Queen of Angst and this book has ALL the feels 😭

I’m sorry this review probably doesn’t make any sense, my brain is all over the place lol

I love the way this story has been written, through current day with Camila and catching up the history with Aiden. We get this crazy build up and then when the two lines finally cross, wow, it’s like lightening.

Camila is awesome, she’s fun and spunky, she takes no sass but knows when to let loose. Aiden is, well, Aiden is something else. Monica is totally going to break us to put us back together again.

This was amazing, just amazing, the best of the year so far!

Physical Therapy Review

Title: Physical Therapy

Author: Max Henry

I love these sex filled mini stories. They’re the perfect fun little short to stick in and amongst all the angst filled, emotion driven and darker reads that are out and about at the moment.

Boe is an absolute dream. Hot and bossy with anger issues, he sounds great lol

Our 80 year old psychiatrist; Edith, turns out to not be 80 years old at all and is the perfect sassy counterpart for Boe.

There is no massive in depth story line, nobody trying to tear your insides out, just a hot little story. Fantastic!

Envy Review

Title: Envy

Author: MN Forgy

This is book four of The Elite Seven Series.

I didn’t like Sebastian. He came across quite charming in the previous book, in places, but hes just a bit weird and crazy lol

This book definitely cleared up a few things and filled in a lot of gaps but I really didn’t get on with the character. Three stars for me.