Midnight Sommelier Review

Title: Midnight Sommelier

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is part of the Black Mountain Academy Series but can be read as a standalone.

When I saw this was about an Academy I assumed it was going to be high school or bully romance but I assumed wrong. I should have known Anne would have something amazing in store and boy, did she?

Another fantastic story from Anne Malcolm. Its not quite like anything else, a style of her very own making and I love it!

We are drawn through Heartbreak and loss. Just when you think life is taking a turn, you realise the plaster over the open wound isn’t helping.

Forced to face her own demons as the children face theirs this is a beautifully worked story.

All of the stars for another fantastic book.

Black Whole Hearts Review

Title: Black Whole Hearts

Author: Max Henry

This is a standalone story.

And what a cracker of a standalone it is! A throwback to Max’s Red Hot Reads this one has all the chemistry you could want and more.

A rich asshole playboy and a young woman trying to make her dreams come true.

The chemistry and connection between them is amazing and I loved their banter and the back and forth between them.

Both characters were strong in their own right, throw a couple of crazy side characters in the mix and you certainly have one hell of a show.

Another great story from Max Henry.

Resonance of Stars Review

Title: Resonance of Stars

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is part of the Greenstone Security Series but can be read as standalone.

I really like the voice Anne is finding through this book. It has the dark depth to her newer books with the raw grit of her original series, an amazing combination!

I loved Duke and his grumpy ass. I loved watching his hard edges soften and him finding his way home again.

Anastasia was not so much corralled into a new life as she was dropped from a great height and she does it – mostly – with grace.

They’re both great characters and I loved the story, another triumph of a story 💗

Riot House Review

Title: Riot House

Author: Callie Hart

I havent read for a while … I’ve been busy writing and living and generally not picking books up. But I figured it was finally time to start something and after all the rave reviews I knew this would be the one!

I really loved how this story progressed. There’s something really great about the way Callie strings a story together.

She keeps you hanging on the line, drawing you through chapter after chapter a eventually the full plot unfolds.

Wren is dark and delicious, a perfect contrast to Elodie – despite her past – who is bright, light and capable.

I really liked this story and how it all built together, another fantastic book from Callie Hart!

Sicko Review

Title: Sicko

Author: Amo Jones

This is a standalone story.

This book has all of the elements I have come to associate with Amo Jones.

Hot main character? Yep!

Sassy strong heroine? Yep!

Full of confusion and darkness? Yep!

Chemistry off the damn charts? Yep!

It’s been fantastic to follow this author on her journey from the Sinful Souls MC all the way through to this. Each book just gets better and better and now that she has found her stride and her voice its amazing.

This isn’t your average MC story, in fact the MC portion is pretty limited to the family side of the life. But, its still an important aspect, particularly considering our characters.

Royce is hot and I want more Wicked! This book is littered with sexy alpha males, no more than our very own Royce Kane.

I really liked Jade, she’s a little spitfire despite how appearances come across sometimes. It took me a while to warm to her but as her personality develops through the book you can’t help but to love her.

Right from the very beginning the angst gets you, the chemistry throughout this book is off the charts!

Another great standalone from Amo Jones!

What’s happening

Hey everyone

I’m really sorry things have gone quiet here over the last month or so.

My reading has stopped completely, I have barely picked up a book in nearly 6 weeks now.

I have been very busy putting together the Rockstar and Reverse Harem boxes for Romance Readers book box UK and prepping for MC and Cheating in August.

There are so many awesome things in the works its amazing.

The charity anthology is coming together to celebrate the first year of Romance Readers book box UK and the anniversary boxes are also in progress.

And if that wasnt enough I’ve actually started writing myself too! I put a Christmas story snippet into the anthology, completed the novella, wrote the next book and am onto the third one now. I got myself a little busy up in this world.

So I’m sorry my reading has taken a step back, but I hope you forgive me and come join me on the new adventures!

Crowned by Fate Review

Title: Crowned by Fate

Author: Amo Jones

This is the second in the Crowned duet and runs straight on from Crowned by Hate, you do need to read that first.

Well my impression from the first book was definitely right, there was a lot of story to tell! And confusing, so confusing. Just when one thing falls in to place, another one falls back out.

This is going to be a duet I need to do a reread on to make sure I’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place! How this author manages to create such complex worlds I will never know. But it is done beautifully. And the sex, omg the heat level in this book is off the charts!

I need a Devon, and his story, well, that would be something else. Bryant, our sweet little messed up Dom. Hes a bit of a head case, but one that you want on your team not against you. The story just goes down and down and down, in a confusing spiral you can’t seem to catch.

It’s an intricate web she weaves, but the pain is worth it. Another great story.

For me, it felt a little over complicated and not all the sex added anything to the story itself. Perhaps it will all make more sense the second time round.

Crowned by Hate Review

Title: Crowned by Hate

Author: Amo Jones

This is the first in the Crowned duet, so you dont need to read anything before you start this. It is completely standalone to any of her other work.

Well, that was confusing. But that’s not an uncommon feeling when you get to the end of one of Amos books!

Bryant is, well I’m not sure what Bryant is. He’s hot, obviously, inked and dangerous, but we dont get to see too much in with him in this book. Hopefully we get to see more of him in the second.

Isa is confusing. Shes crazy, crazy wild and carefree. Except, that she’s not, with the right guidance.

It feels like this story has a long way to go, there is so much left be to explored in this world and I’m excited to see where she takes us.

Amo somehow manages to write the hottest bad boys that you love to hate and hate to love. But I feel like Bryant has a little more of a softer side to him, although they all do eventually. Cant wait for book two

Cherry Beats Review

Title: Cherry Beats

Author: Vikki James

This is the first in the series or a standalone story. You dont need to read anything before starting this.

Loads of people told me this book was good. But I’m not a hype person, I need to wait for all the buzz to die down before I read something, to be able to experience it naturally for myself. And I’m really glad I got this and waited.

What a great story. I loved that Tess got carried away with Presley. I loved that she needed to take time for herself. I really liked the twists through their journey. There were a couple in there expected and some unexpected, a few things I hoped for but didnt get.

I think this is my first Vicki James book, but it wont be my last. The writing is smooth and easy to read. It draws you in and keeps the pages flowing. But it’s not overly complicated and convoluted. I could have easily put it down and come back to it without needing to reread a whole load to catch myself back up.

The characters are fun and believable, they’re you and me, caught up in the limelight. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the band come up with!