Omg what a week!

This week, the first set of my adult romance book boxes went out, and it was crazy!

The final swag stuff arrived Tuesday afternoon so I spent some time putting stuff together Tuesday afternoon then set up shop in the hubbies garage and went for it!

Turns out there were a few things I hadn’t thought about but my hubby was there with a solution and I’ve got a few ideas for the next box.

By Wednesday lunchtime all 60 were packed up and shipped out. Absolute madness!

Then, the deliveries started. Some were good, some were awful and plenty inbetween. It’s left me with quite a few things to think about before shipping out the next box mid August!

There have also been some amazing books out recently! I don’t know if anyone saw but The Pierced Hearts duet by Monica Robinson was absolutely breathtaking.

I loved the way the story was told, I loved their story, the characters, the writing, the emotional connection. The whole thing was very beautifully told.

Along the same emotive lines I have read the first book in The Regret duet from Aly Martinez. I have no idea how she does it but this is going to be another absolutely amazing duet. The Truth Duet was one of my favourites of last year and I’m still recommending it out to readers now.

This book sucked me in, dragged me through and spat me out. Another amazing job, I’m stook half speechless over it. Romantic suspense at it’s absolute best!

The Rebel of Raleigh High is another current favourite. Again, starts with a bang, ends with a bang and takes you through every emotion between a and b.

I think im going through a bit of a rollercoaster phase at the moment.

Im waiting on Malum pt2 from Amo Jones, I need to catch up with pt1 and then straight in foe the second part later on this week. I love Amos writing, again emotive but dark. The feels, the description, you could almost be with them.

I’m about to start a Beta read for an author friend for a book I know is going to put me through the wringer. 12 months in the making its going to be amazing!


Written with Regret Review

Title: Written with Regret

Author: Aly Martinez

This is the first in a duet.

I finished this book 3 days ago and I’m still pretty speechless about the whole thing. Anyone who knows me knows, this isn’t like me.

I’ve had a run of quite angsty emotional reads recently and this is absolutely up there with the best of them.

Aly has this amazing ability to grab you and pull you in. This book starts with such a bang and the continued dual timeline is a great way to lead us through.

I thought Caven was fantastic. His character development and the transformations he goes through in this book are life changing. I completely get where he is, he is such a bloke in some sections lol and then such a sweetie in others. He’s absolutely stolen my heart.

Our heroine, well, that’s a little trickier. I like her, I’m rooting for her, I want her to do and be everything she can be. There are some beautiful moments in this book, some breathtaking, some heartbreaking, some points I had to just stop and say, wow.

I can see that this is going to be one of the best of the year. The writing is beautifully done, the story is gripping and dynamic, the characters are human, flawed and perfectly imperfect.

If I could give this more I would, all of the stars for this book! I’m left anxiously waiting for book 2, as ever.

Work in Progress Review

Title: Work in Progress

Author: BJ Harvey

This is a standalone.

I think it’s fair to say this one wasnt for me. There is lots to commend the book on, the heroine is sassy, the hero is hot, the sexy scenes are sexy. I loved the family element, both the connection with Ax and Jamie’s family. In fact Jamie’s family were fantastic.

He is sweet and funny, nice and thoughtful. I think I missed a bit of the connection between the two. They start off a bit snappy at each other but that doesn’t happen more than 2/3 times and isn’t anything significant. Nothing really grabby, no push and pull, no angst or tension, it’s not enemies to lovers.

It’s a nice story, it has good flow but there wasnt enough drama or connection for me. Its a 3 and a half stars review from me, I’m sure lots of other people will really enjoy it 🙂

Sloth Review

Title: Sloth

Author: Giana Darling

This is book 6 of The Elite Seven series.

What a fast paced and flying read. We’ve got a few more answers and a few more questions lol

Each book in this fab little series keeps you guessing and hanging on for the next one, it’s very well done!

I really liked Rush’ story, its quite involved, and there are a lot of different factors at play in this one. I liked Isabelles story and how it all comes together is really well done.

A fabulous 4 stars from me!

Choosing You Review

Title: Choosing You

Author: M Robinson

This is the second part of a duet and continues directly from Choosing Us, you do need to read that one first.

OMG this book! What a ride! The ending of the last book has had me desperately waiting for this final installment and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Camilla; sweet, kind, caring, empathetic and wears her heart on her sleeve. But she is no push over! Her Latina spirit gives her a fun and feisty sense of self meaning she can keep up with Jackson. As well as unintentionally charm every straight man in a 2 mile radius 😉

Aiden is absolutely swoon-worthy. Let’s be fair he has his moments, he’s a little messed up, a little broken inside, a little stalker-esque. But totally worth the heartbreak.

The story is told beautifully, it’s emotional, it’s heartbreaking, it’s hot and cold and everything inbetween. This story is life! The connection between Camilla and the children, the children and Aiden and every other combination you could conjure is amazing.

Monica’s ability to draw you in to the story is nothing short of genius. I have lived and died, loved and lost, I’ve peaked, crested and fallen and have been taken on amazing journey. I feel a little like I’ve run a marathon through this book but oh was it worth it.

I can’t wait for the next book, it’s about to hit the fan!

Boss Review

Title: Boss

Author: WS Greer

I really liked this book. It was refreshing to read something a little lighter and down to earth than I have been reading recently.

Amari is a bad boy! He’s a bad boy alpha male if I ever read one and hes hot. Stepping out fron his recent incarceration he has BIG plans and boy are they big lol

Miss Capone is also fab too, strong and sassy, she takes no sh!t from anyone. You don’t get where she is in this life without making a few waves, but she’s more than capable of backing it up.

I loved their individual stories, the back stories and the way their two lives became inextricably combined. There was so much story in here that it overwhelmed the romance element a little for me.

I want massively feeling the angsty romantic buildup with these two. They’re both too alpha for all that back and forward nonsense. That’s not to say that there aren’t some amazingly hot scenes because there are, I just prefer a little more buildup in my books. That being said I don’t think more buildup would have necessarily worked for this couple because of their full on personalities.

The story is ram jam packed full of plot goodness, solid 4 stars from me!

The Rebel of Raleigh High Review

Title: The Rebel of Raleigh High

Author: Callie Hart

This was a twisty turvy epic story with an amazing ending. I loved the epilogue too, just the perfect touch!

Alex, the bad boy biker with a heart of gold. It’s so far hidden under there, he is so used to hiding his pain, his love, his emotions and yet Silver brings it out in him.

Sad, lonely Silver, the wall flower, the shrinking violet. Well, we really see her true colours throughout the book. I love the growth and development in her as she’s given opportunity to tell her story.

They are a great pair, the story is fantastic, Alex is amazing, what more can I say? Read it, while it does address some difficult topics, it’s worth it! Worth the pain and the heartache for that finale.