Shield Review

Title: Shield

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the second in the Greenstone security Series and you can read my other reviews here;

There is some beautiful writing in this book and I loved the story and plot! I do think it may have been better placed as part of the Sons of Templar series. There wouldn’t have been the need for so much catch up and explanation throughout.

A lot of the book is first person with Rosie which is awesome. A lot of Luke’s sections read third person rather than from his POV which can be a difficult transition back and forth.

That being said I really liked Rosie and there’s some beautiful writing. I love how Rosies father sees her, right at the start of the book;

You’re gonna grow wings, baby. And you’re gonna soar and be the only version of you in this whole world. I know you’ll be the heart and soul of this club. In more ways than one. But you’re destined to be somethin’ different. Somethin’ bigger.

Luke is our knight in shining armour, or he would like to be. I’m not sure if he’s trying to save her or himself but he loves hard!

I’ll go to the ends of the earth to find you. And I won’t let you go this time.

I’m not here because you need to protect me from shit. I’m here for the opposite reason. I’m here to be your fuckin’ shield.

Luke is a bit too perfect for me, I like my hero’s with a bit more dirt. The character development through both him and Rosie is wonderful even if he’s not quite my cup of tea.

There are some amazing insights into love and life with love. Not just that hot lust, although there is some of that *fans self*, but that deep and lasting understanding of two souls connecting.

True love doesn’t fall in to place. It isn’t as easy as breathing. It’s a struggle. Takes hard work. Every day. You’ve got to fight for it, but it’s only the most beautiful of things that are worth fighting for.

There is deep love through the friendships, siblings and MC bond as well and it is all done amazingly. The clear understanding and ability to show you the difference is very well done.

So while there were some things not to my taste the writing is very well done and the story is great!


Nailed Down Review

Title: Nailed Down

Author: Chelle Bliss

Now, I knew that Chelle could write one hell of a sex scene but this is seriously not for the under 18’s. You need a fan, a glass of wine, fully charged batteries or a warning to your partner before you start.

Beautifully written this tale of life, love, lust and loss will take you on a journey like no other. An alpha male and a not so shrinking violet will keep you on your toes from start to finish.

A fantastic read, emotionally charged and full of back and forth confusion. Definately gets the recommendation from me 😊

Cake Review

Title: Cake

Author: Carmen Jenner

Okay, so, anyone who knows me in real life knows how much I love cake so this book was obviously written for me! Add in the 7 month pregnancy hormones and yeah I love cake!

This book had me chuckling from the get go, I couldn’t put it down and read it through in one go. A laugh out loud, enemies to lovers, push and pull romance definately ticks all the boxes here!

Poppy is fun, angry, clumsy, drinks as much wine as I wish I could and it’s generally as approachable and amazing as you can imagine. We all need a best friend just like her.

Add in to the mix Nass the Ass; smooth, suave and a complete womanizer, it’s no surprise that sparks, and Poppy, fly on more than one occasion.

This book has a fab story line with great development of the characters throughout. The writing is clear and consistent, really easy to follow and flows beautifully.

A great story, with fab characters, all wrapped up in cake. Fantastic 😊


Hunter Review

Title: Hunter

Author: Eden Summers

This is a first for me by this author. I love a good recommendation and when an author I follow suggested this would be a good read I took her at her word.

And what a read! I love the opening gambit and the instant spark between the two main characters. From there it only goes up!

The connection, the confusion, the back and forth angsty nightmare. The whole thing is fantastic. I loved the mystery around our lead female characters’ history and the reasons she was in it to win it.

I would have liked maybe a little more of our Hunters past to have been included but there’s show to include that in other books, if there are any. And what is his relationship to Decker? Are they brothers? Best friends?

I liked the humanisation of the characters, very relateable, I felt very in tune with our female and couldn’t put this one down.

We all need to rescue ourselves in order to be rescued by our hero. And damn, what a hero! Hunt is hot, confident, a true alpha in all senses of the word. Yet he still finds himself chasing the unknown, the lost little lamb that doesn’t even know she needs him.

It was fantastic and I can’t wait to see if there are any more books in this series!


Steal You Review

Title: Steal You

Author: KD Robichaux & CC Monroe

This is a standalone novel.

Well, where to start with this one?

The writing is very good, you wouldnt know that it was written by two different people as the crossover is flawless.

Unfortunately this story isn’t for me. Marketed as a dark professor/student romance they stopped being professor and student early on in the story and I didn’t particularly find it dark.

The only dark content seemed to be the Dominant/ submissive relationship between two of the main characters, both of whom seemed to be slightly deranged and whose full time D/s relationship was intermittent.

I didn’t find the characters relateable and their responces to some of the situations were confusing. Although there was character development throughout the book.

Overall the writing is good and the development/progression throughout the story was also good. Sadly, the story and characters weren’t to my taste.


Regret Review

Title: Regret

Author: Max Henry

This is the second book in the Twisted Hearts Duet.

Oh what a fantastic ending! I loved the end of the first book, a fab tie over to the second part without being too cliffy, and this was just the perfect way to round it out.

I love the character progression and Belles ability to reflect on the actions of the previous book. I loved Zeus’ determined way of life; moving forward no matter the cost.

There are some fab twists and turns throughout this book and a few things thrown in I had no clue were coming. It definately kept me up late as I couldn’t bare to put it down without knowing what came next!

Our strong alpha and his personal struggles along with our lost young girl finding her feet back on her own turf. Another fantastic addition to a collection of amazing books by this author 💞


Marrying Mr Valentine Review

Title: Marrying Mr Valentine

Author: Laura Barnard

This is a standalone.

What to read the day before Valentine’s when your pregnant and home alone. This was a good choice 🙂

It is not quite Laura’s usual upbeat rom-com style but addresses some pretty heart breaking tragedies in a way that only she could.

We start with a strong female lead in Nadine. She is dedicated and loyal; to her work, to her friends and to her self respect. And learn about the depth and tragedy in her history. The ability to pick yourself up and move forward through the hard times is not something everyone has!

Then we meet Mr Valentine. He’s a bit wet at first, but he grows on you! A fun and loveable character who, despite a few flaws, learns and grows throughout the book.

I loved the trajectory it took and even though there are a few topics covered that are close to me personally I still enjoyed Laura’s take on it.