Second Chance Review

Title: Second Chance

Author: BJ Harvey

This is the second book of the series.

What a way to start the book! I love a good prologue, and that is certainly the way to get those pages turning!

I’m sure she wrote this one just for me lol a brooding alpha bouncer is just my cup of tea. And Bruno is certainly a hot piece of ass!

Gabby is the independent woman, made that way because life has let her down. She’s amazingly normal, complete with freak outs and panic attacks. I loved the dynamic with Kenzie, don’t we all need a best friend like that!

This is a fast paced roller coaster of a ride that’s worth every page. The writing is great, the story keeps pulling you through and you are right there with the characters.

It’s certainly a big thumbs up from me!


Kings Reign Review

Title: Kings Reign

Author: Nina Levine

This is the concluding book to the Storm MC series

Unlike me, I’m actually struggling for words on this one.

We’ve seen snippets of King throughout the other books. We’ve seen angry King and crazy King, and every now and again there’s a little bit of caring King.

You don’t get to become the President of an MC without loyalty. And in order to be loyal to something or someone, you have to care about it. It would stand to reason that to become the head of this brotherhood you would need to be loyal and care deeply for those you stand for and beside. So on some level we already know that King is capable of loving and being loved.

This book isn’t just about love, about overcoming obstacles and love conquering all. This book takes you deeper, beyond the superficial first love that we all had and into the deeper forever that you have to fight and work for.

“Sometimes there was more hate than love, more war than peace.

Sometimes love wasn’t enough.”

Nina has stepped up another level with this book. The writing is fantastic, the story is deep and gripping. The characters are amazing.

I was always going to get on with a heroine who loves cake. Cake is my Achilles heel; it’s why I love Monroe lol

“You can do whatever the fuck you want if you buy me cake.”

Lily is the perfect counterpart for King. She is strong and independent, she loves fiercely but won’t be walked over. Although kind and nurturing she doesn’t try to fix him and I love that she is confident enough in herself to just stand by him.

She’s not broken and beaten by her life experiences and looking to be rescued, she is also not looking for someone to rescue and heal either.

There are some fantastic line ups for where the MC may go in the future and some fab characters she could chose to write.

She’s absolutely knocked this one out of the park. I know it’s taken time and a few chunks of Nina with it but this really has been worth the wait x

What’s going on

Well it’s been a while since I did a personal post on here.

Last year was hard. I had started writing at the start of last year, I got to about 10k and then went blank. I’ve taken a bit of a break and thrown myself back into reading. I read some amazing books, funny rom com ask the way through to dark with plenty of angst ridden romance thrown in for good measure.

Sadly, we lost our baby in the middle of the year and on the back of a series of dark books I lost my rhythm. I couldn’t read. I didn’t want to read. When I did, I couldn’t finish it.

It took months, I started and put down so many books, we must be well in to 20 or more. Nothing grabbed me, nothing kept me, nothing sparked my interest.

I talked with other blogger friends and author friends. Burn out. I was in reader burn out. So I stepped back, I stopped reading and stopped pushing.

Then an author friend of my was releasing a new book. She asked if I could review for her. I know her writing is fantastic, her hero’s flawed and her heroines strong, there’s no wall flowers here!

So I read, and I felt it, that spark. That little something that makes you keep turning the pages, the niggle that you have to know what happens next. Skyla Madi had done it again.

Skyla was the author that introduced me to this romance indie world, the door that opened to River Savage and Nina Levine and from there so many more. She sent me my first ever ARC after I started writing in this blog and she pulled me out of my book funk.

I could read, but was it just a fluke, was it just because it was Skyla?

So I signed up for a new to me author. If it didn’t grab me, if I couldn’t finish and I was still in a funk it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t have ruined an author I love, but I loved that book too! And the second book in *that* series is releasing shortly – I’ve just seen the cover which reveals tomorrow and it’s Awesome!

I was lucky enough to meet Bobbie Harvey at a signing last year and I have lots of her books in my kindle ready to read when I get time.

I had found my groove again. It took a while for me to build back up to my usual stories and speed but I’ve got there.

I have been lucky enough to review some amazing books. I’m included in a couple of different ARC groups and am really enjoying the opportunity to review.

Recently I have joined up to be a secret Beta reader which is really exciting. I have loved the beta reading I have done in the past, being able to pull the book apart and put it back together is great. To see the progress in the final piece is amazing and a great honour to be included in someone’s personal process.

There’s lots of exciting things happening at the moment and hopefully I’ll get back to writing at some point.

Tied Down Review

Title: Tied Down

Author: Chelle Bliss

This is the second book in this series.

Ah, I love the Keino men. Kiel, like his brother, is a fierce protector and when he’s asked for help he’s in it 100%. I love his honesty and loyalty, how real he is and his need for retribution.

Cara is strong willed and independent, the life she is in demands no less of her. Underneath all that is a girl who wants to be loved, who can be vulnerable and scared, but who can rally.

A fantastic story, well written and beautifully balanced. There’s super hot chemistry, adventure and suspense. I read this in one day, couldn’t put it down, it was awesome.

Can’t wait to see who is next!

Swole: Powerhouse Review

Title: Swole: Powerhouse

Author: Golden Czermak

This is book 6 in the Swole Series.

It’s fab to see Trent expanding the business and getting a piece of his own medicine lol

Another super hot instalment of over the top erotic exploits. Written as fantastically as only Golden can.

Swole: Flex Friday Review

Title: Swole: Flex Friday

Author: Golden Czermak

This is book 5 in the Swole Series

Well if over the top erotic stories are your thing, this is the book for you! Just when I thought the romance was all falling in to place, the Trent effect kicks in.

I love the way the relationship works and the sense of completeness they’re all feeling. A fab ending too!