Bagging Alice Review

Title: Bagging Alice

Author: Laura Barnard

Anyone who hasn’t read anything by Laura Barnard really should!

This is another laugh along instalment of the Brighton Babes, and you really will laugh along. These girls are so clumsily normal it’s worrying. Anyone who owns a dog will get the references in this book. Oh, we have all been there!

The way she can take the everyday silly things that happen to us and transform them into this hilarious compilation is pure genius.

This book will just make you happy. I mean it’s not just slapstick humour and there’s obviously a romance story in there too but Tom and Alice were fantastic!


By Virtue Fall review

Title: By Virtue Fall

Author: Carrie Elks

This was my first book by Carrie Elks and it was really great! I didn’t realise until towards the end that it was part of a group of standalone stories so there are a few others ready and waiting for me to read.

Ryan and Juliet are fantastic. I love the strong, confident person that Ryan brings out in Juliet and the caring warmth that she brings to him. They are beautifully balanced and despite their own vulnerabilities manage to raise two amazing children.

This is a lovely story, beautifully told and complete with the emotional rollercoaster that leaves you breathless. Hopefully I will have time to read some of the other stories soon!

Cooper Bennett and the Devil’s Ire Review

Title: Cooper Bennett and the Devil’s Ire

Author: Golden Czermak

This is the second book in the Cooper Bennett series.

I loved book one and was really excited when a second book was announced to see what would happen after the drastic ending!

Cooper was as awesome as ever, the transformations through this book are great! The existing character developments and new characters that are introduced are all very well done, there are lots of ties in with The Journeymen series as well. And although the two tie, you don’t need to have read that series for this to make sense, there also isn’t a massive amount of information or explanation about that series either, certainly no spoilers, and the cross over is done beautifully!

You do need to read the descriptions at the start of the book. There are lots of characters with crazy names, titles and descriptions so it helps to go in with these at the fore. I did find it got a bit confusing in the thick of the excitement to remember quite who was who and where everyone fit in the big picture so it’s definitely worth a read.

This is another action packed adventure with a magical theme. It’s beautifully written and the cover is gorgeous!

Behind The Books

Well, I’m finally getting round to explaining what’s going on!

I had a fantastic time at my first ever book signing last year, but I came away with a sense of something missing. I went to the VIP session so there were only 100 of us and I just about made it round 20 authors but barely got a chance to speak to anyone.

I thought, there must be another way. A way that I can connect with the authors. That I can say this is my favourite book and I loved it, this is why, this is how it moved me, this is how in some small way you have affected my life and thank you.

I love my signed books! All the swag and the experience! I have, in writing, from one of the authors that started this journey, that my husband is hot. I mean, I already knew that, but it’s nice to have it from someone else too lol

But I’m greedy, I want more. I want more than a hi, thank you, smile for the photo and move on. So I set out to look for it. But I couldn’t find it. The signings were bigger, more authors, more people, less opportunity.

As I blogger I’m lucky that I have some great relationships with authors. So I asked them, would they be interested in a more intimate gathering? And you know what, they would! They want to sit and talk books and characters and life and love just like I did!

So, I did it. I did an interest form, I asked people to come and I arranged a group. In October 2019 I will be hosting a reader event where people will have chance to connect with the authors Behind the Books.

I’m still working out how the day will go, but I’ve got authors and I’ve got a venue and hopefully soon we will have sone readers ready and willing to come and join us go a bit deeper!

Misadventures with a speed demon review

Title: Misadventures With A Speed Demon

Author: Chelle Bliss

What a fun and fabulous story! Like your men charming, talented and sexy? Your women to be independent, fearless and hot as hell? Then this is the book for you!

Brooks Carter comes from the scum of the earth, builds his own way up in life and finally has everything he’s ever dreamed of, or so he thinks. Faith Ridley was offered the world on a silver platter but she chose to take it on alone and avoid the high flying adrenaline junkie racer boys.

But surely it’s okay to dip in the company ink, just once won’t hurt right?

Fast paced, fun and flirty this book has everything you need for a good read. Would be just as good on the bus to work as it would be laid on a sun lounger with a cocktail (although I know which I’d prefer 😉 ).

The Truth About Us Review

Title: The Truth About Us

Author: Aly Martinez

This is the second part of The Truth duet and you need to read The Truth About Lies first.

What an absolute rollercoaster of a story! This is the first book in a very long time I’ve devoured in one sitting and it’s left me reeling.

I have no idea what to safely say about this book except that it is amazing and *everyone* needs to read it!

Penn and Cora are amazing. I love the dynamic between them, that she doesnt just roll over, the girls, and Drew. The history, the future, oh everything! I loved it! If I could read it again with fresh eyes I would!

This is the must read duet of the year.

Amongst the Wildflowers Review

Title: Amongst the Wildflowers

Author: Amali Rose

This is my first book by this author and the third in a series of standalone novels.

A story as beautiful as it’s cover 🙂 I love the covers in this series and this one is gorgeous!

Layla and Ethan are wonderful. This is a second chance romance that ticks all the boxes; there’s hot chemistry, jealous boyfriends and mean girls to top it off.

I would like to put myself firmly in Evies corner, everybody should have a best friend like that. She is an amazing secondary character and it would be great to see her get her own story at some point too. I loved that she just got Layla, and that she is team Ethan, friends like that are one in a million but everyone should have one.

The story flows beautifully and very naturally. The characters are relateable and engaging and I wanted to hug them, kick them and many things inbetween lol a really great read!