Good Girls Review

Title: Good Girls

Author: Max Henry

This is the first in the Arcadia High series.

Argh that ending! I can’t wait for book 2!

How awesome is Lacey. It’s like you can see the character grow before your own eyes. Young and confused by the massive shift in her life she’s left floundering. Confused by life, love, family and friends. Everything she thought she knew is upturned and needs to be re-evaluated.

Colt is, well, Colt is a royal pain in the bum. Hes an arrogant conceited ass and I dont like him very much.

Luckily, there is a big shouldered hunk of a cowboy willing to take a chance on a lost city girl. He literally swoops in to save her *swoon* although his friends dont really like her…hmm

I thought this book was great! Theres angst and tension, confusion and things hidden in the background. I cant wait to see what happens in book two and learn more about what’s going on in the background ! A well earned four and a half stars from me!


Losing the Forbidden Review

Title: Losing the Forbidden

Aithor: Tracy Lorraine

What the, what? How to leave me on a cliff for the next book. Although I guess I should have seen it coming, all things considered?

Another fantastic installment and I absolutely can’t wait to see what’s coming

Hurricane Hearts Review

Title: Hurricane Hearts

Author: Nina Levine

I finished this book a day or two ago now and I’m still struggling to gather the words together to form a coherent thought about it.

I loved it, it was fantastic. I ploughed through the whole book in one evening with a cheesecake and a bottle of prosecco, and boy did I need them.

Winter is fierce! Oh man, I forgot how hot Nina writes these Storm men, oh my *fans self*. He is such an open book. I love the dual pov for his insight and emotion, this book is full of the feels too.

Birdie was, oh Birdie, she is so me. I’ve so been there. When you make a mistake and you’re trying to find your way back, and you don’t know if you can, or if you should.

This whole story was just amazingly done. I’ve been in similar places, as I’m sure lots of people have, and the emotion pouring through the pages just had me right there with them.

I really liked the slight step away from the MC stuff. It got pretty heavy in there with King for a while so to ease back in with the crew was great. All the stars for the fantastic book!

Falling for the Forbidden Review

Title: Falling for the Forbidden

Author: Tracy Lorraine

I’m sad to say this is my first book from this author, how have I not read her before?

I really liked this quick snippet of a book and am looking forward to the next installment.

I did find myself questioning Ben’s motives, there is lots left unsaid in this book so lots open for interpretation. Ben was hot and heavy with Lauren but outside of their time together seemed to be quite distant.

Lauren is confusing. Shes being bossed around by her dad at what age? Maybe its just all the elitest high school romance I’ve been reading where they never do what they’re told but are a lot younger lol

Either way I liked the connection between the two of them but there are definitely bigger things going on here. I’m excited to see where the story goes, 4 and a half stars for me 🙂

Wreck my World Review

Title: Wreck my World

Author: Victoria Ashley

For me, this one wasn’t quite there, it might be because I was broken off a lot but it felt to take a long time to get going but once we were there the pace was good.

I think it needed more emotion, more feeling, more explanation of the connection and how/why that changed. Her sister wasnt just “gone” she was “ripped away from her, leaving a chasm so vast she would never be whole again”.

Dakota was a feisty firy little thing, it was pretty clear what had happened to her sister after the park walk memory. I liked the way the story was written between the present and the past, although it felt like we went over everything a lot; past and then now, with her and then him, so there were parts that felt a little repetitive.

Easton was a little soft for my tastes; hes not letting her run any more, until he is, hes not letting her hide from their past anymore, oh, until he is. I liked him standing up for her, I liked the jealousy but I didn’t agree with a lot of his decisions and he just seemed not alpha enough for me.

The connection when they were together was great and the sex scenes were steamy. I’d read this author again but this one wasnt for me, 3 and a half stars

Blue Waters Review

Title: Blue Waters

Author: India R Adams

This is my first read from this author. I follow her cover designer and really liked the covers for this series, when I finally got chance to read one of then I snook it in.

My hubby very graciously let me ignore him for another evening while I devoured the pages from this book in one go. From the Preface to The End this story captivated my imagination.

I couldn’t figure Whit out, this young crazy girl, who had it all but at the same time didn’t. We go straight in with lots of characters which was a bit confusing at first but just adds to the build up in her crazy life. You could practically feel the tide before the fall and the whole world came crashing down.

Link was fantastic, I loved how his character changed and the twists and turns this story took us on. Crash was equally heartbreaking and beautiful. Two fantastic lead males in this book with such an emotional ending, it left me speechless.

It was beautifully done, 4 and a half stars from me!

On The Rocks Review

Title: On The Rocks

Author: Kandi Steiner

Kandi is a new to me author, recommended by some friends. I’ve had a run of fairly deep, emotional, angsty and dark reads so to have something a little lighter, a little more contemporary was nice.

I thought the story telling was great and there are some beautiful moments in this book, slow burn isn’t my thing.

Noah is absolutely swoon worthy, he’s hot, he’s rugged and works with his hands. He’s way more of a gentleman than I was expecting lol I really liked his cheeky nature too!

Ruby Grace is what I would think of as a typical southern belle, but then I’m not American so it might just be a stereotype 🤔 Either way, she’s sweet and kind, generous and helpful, shes just a young girl figuring out her place in life.

This was a really sweet book, the story was great, the characters were engaging, a four star read for me 🙂