Release Review

Title: Release

Author: Aly Martinez

I don’t think its possible for Aly Martinez to write a bad book. Another amazing stand alone story.

I’m a bit at a loss for words right now. I started this last night and finished it off this morning because I needed to know what happened. She has this way of drawing you right in to the story and keeping you there.

Ramsey was amazing, the twists through this story keep you guessing all the way through. Thea was fantastic, real and honest, genuine. I would love to see stories for Nora and Joe, that would be amazing!

But oh man what a story, gripping, engaging, heartbreaking, it’s got a little of everything wrapped up with some super hot chemistry.


Fleeting Moments Review

Title: Fleeting Moments

Author: Bella Jewel

I downloaded this a while ago in a sale and loved the cover! With a bit of a gap between books I had a scout through my kindle and this jumped out at me.

Nice story, I’ll definitely read some of her other books. This one didn’t quite hit the mark for me though. I like the story, I saw the twists in advance and the ending felt a little rushed. There was so much build up to the final act and then it didn’t seem to get a full resolution.

Single POV is always trickier for me. I do like a sneak peek into the mind of our hero, and it would have been soooooo good to see that here. But it was good, Lucy was great, I even wondered if she had lost it once or twice, what a different outcome that would have been!

Loyal Love Review

Title: Loyal Love

Author: Max Henry

This is the fourth in the Arcadia High series, they need reading in order; Good Girls, Bad Boys, Rich Riot and then Loyal Love.

And I loved it. The character development throughout each of these books is fantastic! There are some amazing friendships and real moments within the book that take your breath away.

I am rallying behind these girls and ready to take on the world with them! These books take you right back to being 16 again, messing about with your mates and making mistakes, figuring it out together, loving, losing and learning.

This is so much more than a love story. This isnt just about Tuck and Lacey but Colt and Greer, Maggie and Beau, the girls, the guys. Friendships formed and friendships lost, miscommunication and acting in anger.

So much of who we are is forged in these teenage years and it’s incredible to see that life appear before your eyes. Maybe it’s because it’s over so many books rather than one or two or a standalone but you really start to bed in and get a feel for the characters and the life their trying to live.

Another amazing installment, looking forward to the potential finale!

Manhattan Review

Title: Manhatten

Author: Kandi Steiner

This is the third in the Becker brothers series. I guess you could read them as standalone but there are a couple of themes throughout, theyd be best read in order; On The Rocks, Neat and then this one.

Another fantastic installment in this series. Friends to lovers isnt usually my jam but this is so much more than just friends to lovers.

Last year was my dad 10 year anniversary and I totally get what they go through here. It’s done beautifully, not damning but with enough information to really convey the emotion. What a ride!

Mikey was great, he was awesome and awful, he is just a kid having to make big grown up decisions. But, hey, let’s not lose all hope here he is a Becker. Which means, hes also fun and flirty, hot and with the most amazing chemistry.

There are some really good moments between the two of them and we are led beautifully into the final story x

Santas Naughty Elf Review

Title: Santas Naughty Elf

Author: Tracy Lorraine

This is a standalone Christmas short I grabbed while it was on for free. I love a christmas romance although this is much more a Christmas lust lol it’s the perfect winter warmer!

A fab little sexy Christmas short. Cerys’ christmas party goes a little awry after her boss takes her evening in to his own hands. Super hot chemistry, fab little story. Great!

Home for the Holidays Review

Title: Home for the Holidays

Author: Eden Summers

A little standalone Christmas freebie from Eden Summers with the fab potential to become more.

It must be really tricky to convey enough of the characters and story in such a short story but this is well laid out to take on in a full novel if the author chose to do so.

While I get Heaths motivations, I don’t like it, in a full story there would be more time to explore his world and what has happened and his relationship with Brooke and her brothers.

I liked Brooke’s sassiness and the frustration of living with such over bearing alpha males. I can totally see her taking on these guys and coming out on top!

I hope this becomes a full novel but it’s a hot sexy short with a fantastic story base

Reckless Review

Title: Reckless

Author: Franca Storm

Well I picked this one out of my kindle library because the cover was hot! I obviously bought it because the blurb was good or it was a recommendation because it’s a new to me author.

I liked it, theres plenty of hot sexy chemistry from the get go and boy does that continue. It took me a little while to get used to the way they both speak, the swearing and double negatives throughout. There were a few sections I had to reread to make sense of them but we got there.

Story was good, characters a little rough around the edges and believable. There were a few twists and turns throughout and plenty of intimate moments to keep the interest there. It was good 🙂