Playing with the Boss Review

Title: Playing with the Boss

Author: Max Henry

Oh man, what a totally awesome book to start my years reading off with! This really is a red hot read, the insta-love and super charged chemistry is off the charts! I mean seriously ladies, get those batteries charged and your partner warned, it’s hot hot hot.

This is the perfect light and easy read, a hot office romance that goes a little awry. A chance meeting in a bar turns into more when he arrives in the office.

Tattooed and confident Mr Roberts isn’t looking for anything or anyone permanent when his path is crossed by the lovely Lisa. I loved the dynamic between her and her best friend, we all need someone to kick us up the ass every now and again haha

I really liked it as a light read! A fabulous 4 and a half stars from me ❤


Third Strike Review

Title: Third Strike

Author: BJ Harvey

This is the third book in the chances series.

There has been so much build up to Drew and the early reviews have been amazing! He certainly is swoon worthy … sometimes.

For me, he didn’t quite do it. I get the plight, I really do, but it’s like come on mate sort it out. True love never dies and all that, sometimes it’s the timing that’s not right. Bare with it, it’s worth it in the end but it took me a bit.

Perhaps it’s the tail end of this book funk, the end of year quiet down or the fact that the children are ill and I didn’t get to sit and devour the entire book in one go. I definitely needed a break or two, there’s some serious emotional moments in there, but I’m definitely still Millens girl.

It’s no secret that One Shot was one of my best reads of 2017 and the cross overs are done beautifully. They hint at what’s happened in previous books with enough detail to inform the scene but not to de-rail it into unnecessary retelling.

So, it’s not my fave of the series but it’s still a good book. It’s well written and emotional, there’s drama, chemistry and some serious heat. A solid four stars from me!

Merry Christmas!

Things have slowed down here on the blog a lot throughout this year.

I’ve spent time writing my own books, or starting to, I’ve had some readers block and burn out issues too. Oh and of course in and amongst this I had a baby 😂

There have been some amazing books this year and as I begin to look back over my highlights it’s no wonder I’ve ended up with burn out. So many of the amazing books have been hard won emotional battles and dark reads, and that does take it toll eventually, as much as I love it.

It’s certainly set the standard very high, that’s for sure! At the complete other end of the scale some of my top reads have been rom-com books. Which is a new thing for me, but these light happy funny books keep me going.

I’m losing my love for anything middle of the road, I want to be all in. It needs to rock my world or it’s not going to get that 5 stars going forward!

The other thing that’s been kicking my ass is getting this reader event set up and going! The authors are all so excited about the idea but the readers don’t seem to be coming, hopefully it’s just an exposure thing and it will just take time.

O Come all Ye Sinners Review

Title: O Come All Ye Sinners anthology

Author: various

Hellraisers Reckoning by Amo Jones

A gathering of the best and brightest across three series of her books there are snippets in here frim some of my favourite Amo characters.

A smidge from Miles (Yep, he’s still mine), Ade and the Sinful Souls, Phoebe and the twins. This literally had me laughing out loud in my living room, despite the sadness, there’s some hilarious moments.

Looking forward to the next instalment, will definitely look to do a ‘re read!

Hollow Heart by Anne Malcolm

I loved this little story! I haven’t read any of the Sons of Templar books but you really don’t need to. I might go back and read them at some point because the guys seem really awesome!

This certainly has a dramatic starting point, one that grabs you and keeps the pages turning! It’s a fantastic addition to the authors repertoire and has her clear and consistent flow and style.

I love the super alpha hero and the non heroine that doesn’t need saving. Sometimes you just have to save yourself. That’s not to say that having someone to come home to doesn’t make a difference.

It’s not exactly a fun and flirty story, there’s lots of death and ghosts in the closet, but it is perfect for these characters and it’s done really well!

Unleashed Review

Title: Unleashed

Author: LA Fiore and Anthony Dwayne

I really liked the characters in this book. Rutledge is distant, brash and fiercely protective, he has a heart of gold but has been hurt and let down badly in the past.

Peyton is light and easy going, a random drunk act changes her destiny but she’s happy to roll with the punches. She has an appetite to match mine and she’s definitely my kinda girl.

The story twists and turns, it’s intriguing and keeps the pages turning. I love old buildings so her desire to renovate really struck a cord with me, I really enjoyed her passion and attention to detail.

I completely get why Rut struggled so much letting go of his past; good and bad, and the process he goes through are real and well put together.

I struggled a bit with the ending. Personally, I think the last twist is just too far and I don’t think it adds a lot to the story. I liked it better without, but that’s just me and it clearly fits what the authors had in mind.

That being said this is a great book; solid story, fantastic characters, some seriously hot chemistry and amazing sex scenes. I’m talking red hot hot hot sex scenes, and lots of it! Definately a thumbs up and a recommendation from me.

One More Night Review

Title: One More Night

Author: Max Henry

This is the first in a group of standalone contemporary mini stories by Max Henry.

This certainly is called a RED HOT READ for a reason! It is not the deep, dark, gritty words that I’m used to from Max Henry but it certainly has her usual hot chemistry and hang on to your panties sex scenes. I mean, seriously, I needed a smoke after just reading it 🤣

Corinne and Jordan are fantastic. His hot alpha ass exudes confidence and swagger and the beigeness of her life calls out for the crazy life he lives.

There is a lot of build up for him bringing her into his world, tests she needs to pass and the hush hush nature of his work only for him to let her in and explain all at the drop of a hat. But then sometimes love is a little like that.

This could have quite easily become a full length novel if she had wanted but I like it’s more quirky nature. It’s taking life a little easy and flying by the seat of its pants, just like Corrine!

Too Good Girl Review

Title: Too Good Girl

Author: Eleanor Lloyd-Jones

Okay, I’m just going to put this out there, I didn’t like it. I started and stopped this a few times before I managed to get all the way through but this one wasn’t for me.

This is absolutely not my experience of grief, and I’ve experienced a lot of it unfortunately. Maybe that tainted the reading experience for this one.

I found Syrah to be really wet. There’s no rationale or explanation for finding herself homeless at 16, there’s no rhyme or reason for the guilt she carried from her father’s death and she goes down the rabbit hole despite what happened with her dad, and her mum.

Jack finally pulled his socks up and grew a pair somewhere around 2/3rd of the way into the book. I loved his viewpoint and the bigger picture he was able to shed over the story, it helped to put a few things into perspective. But I like my men more alpha than this.

That being said, the writing is smooth and the story well paced. I’d definately try this author again as it might just be a touchy subject for me.