Busy busy!

Life is busy busy busy atm!

Within Reach, my second release and first full length novel, released a little over two weeks ago 😯

I love this story and the characters. It’s the perfect jumping point for the next story with a smidge of darkness and a dash of something more. A great bridge from the light and fluffy that was the Christmas novella; Home to the darker depths that is The Shadow.

I’m working on graphics and formatting for the next book. I’ve written books four and five and am in the process of refining both of those.

I’ve started writing both books 6 and 7 because I have no chill 🙃

I’m also collating an anthology for the Romance Readers Book Box UK and working on the summer boxes. The Spring boxes are in progress as we speak.

There is very little time for reading at the moment unfortunately. My brain is switching to look at formatting and graphics and all things pretty.

While still attempting to teach my older two boys school stuff and potty train the youngest.

Did I say things were busy?

Anyway, I just wanted to pop on and say things are really busy but there are good things coming!


The Kiss Review

Title: The Kiss

Author: M Robinson

This is the first of the Playboy Pact series.

Mila and Leo, where do I start? They were fun and flirty, she is sassy and he is a self appointed manw**re.

I love the idea for this story and it’s a nice, light, and easy read. The friendship aspect is front and centre from the beginning and this friends to lover’s romance has all the sweetness you’d expect.

I prefer my romance with a lithe more of a kick to it but this was well written and the characters were fun!

Master Review

Title: Master

Author: Alice La Roux

This is part of a series of interconnected standalone stories but I haven’t read any of the others.

This was a really quick easy read. The characters are hot and the chemistry is off the charts.

I loved the background and working out who all the players were and their roles in the carnaval. The easy it all comes together at the end was beautiful!

A fab read!


Wow, well, I’ve finally got round to catching up with all my reviews.

I don’t normally leave it so long and tend to review as I go but my brain has been tied up with writing and it’s all gone a bit sideways!

My first book released at the start of December, I’ll pop the links below incase anyone wants a nosey. Home was amazing and everything I hoped for. A light Christmas festive romance to set the scene for the rest of the series.


Add to your TBR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54823238-home

But the series doesn’t stay there! Within Reach releases in a little under two weeks and I am well under way with preparations for that too! This one has a little more drama than Home and it only increases as we head down the rabbit hole with The Fated Series.

I am absolutely loving being able to weave this world into reality and the characters that reside within. It is so much fun but I need to be able to absorb others too.

I devoured Fulcrum by Max Henry yesterday. As always she blew me away with the culmination of four books and a finale that served the band well.

My next read is darker as I prepare to head into Sancte Diablo from Amo Jones; another author I can always guarantee an amazing world from.

I’ll leave the links for Within Reach below incase anyone is interested in a peek.

But I’m still here. Still reading. Still reviewing and still writing!

Within Reach

Add to your TBR:

Scars of Yesterday Review

Title: Scars of Yesterday

Author: Anne Malcom

This is part of the Sons of Templar series.

I liked the story, I like the characters. I loved her second chance and the way the whole thing played out but it felt a little light.

We didn’t delve into the depths like we have done with this author previously but it still has that signature combination of her earlier writing and the newer darker stuff.

I would have liked the depth but tjsyd likely personal preference. The story is still amazing and you still get the journey of a lifetime!

Fake Fiance Review

Title: Fake Fiance

Author: Isla Madden Mills

This is a standalone story.

I really liked the push and pull between the characters and what they wanted.

This was a really easy read, plenty of connection and angst moments as you would expect with teen dramas lol

A great first read of the year!

Tortured Souls Review

Title: Tortured Souls

Author: Nikki J Summers

This is the second in the Boys of Sandlewood Series and follows on from Renegade Hearts.

Brandon was just as great as I expected he would be. Dark, dirty and not afraid to roll in the mud!

I wasn’t sure what would come from Harper. We didn’t see a lot of her in the previous book so I was kind of at a loss but I really liked her and their connection.

Another really great book!

Renegade Hearts review

Title: Renegade Hearts

Author: Nikki J Summers

This is the first of the Rebels of Sandlewood Series.

Loved Ryan can’t wait for Brandon. Have already downloaded the second book and disappearing in.

Let’s be fair I always prefer a broken hero and he has that dark, gritty feel I know I will love.

Ryan is lighter, easier. A good read. A great story.

Definitely recommend!