Busy busy!

Life is busy busy busy atm!

Within Reach, my second release and first full length novel, released a little over two weeks ago 😯

I love this story and the characters. It’s the perfect jumping point for the next story with a smidge of darkness and a dash of something more. A great bridge from the light and fluffy that was the Christmas novella; Home to the darker depths that is The Shadow.

I’m working on graphics and formatting for the next book. I’ve written books four and five and am in the process of refining both of those.

I’ve started writing both books 6 and 7 because I have no chill 🙃

I’m also collating an anthology for the Romance Readers Book Box UK and working on the summer boxes. The Spring boxes are in progress as we speak.

There is very little time for reading at the moment unfortunately. My brain is switching to look at formatting and graphics and all things pretty.

While still attempting to teach my older two boys school stuff and potty train the youngest.

Did I say things were busy?

Anyway, I just wanted to pop on and say things are really busy but there are good things coming!


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