Untouchable Review

Title: Untouchable

Author: Sienna Grant

This is a standalone story.

Roman and Paisley were fun and sweet.

We all remember those boys at school. The ones that knew they had it going on. The confident ones with the mischievous twinkle in their eyes. That’s Roman. Both then, and now.

Unfortunately tagging along behind him is the mouthy one. The one who knows how to tear you down and make you feel about two inches tall. And sadly, some things never change.

When Paisley Kennedy swims back into his life and takes charge he has to take a minute and take stock. Not the mousey girl he remembers, she’s now quiet and confident – or so it seems.

The story turns this way and that, friends and colleagues both with them and against them as they manoeuvre the limelight and the quagmire they find themselves in.

This was a great story but I struggled with the tense changes. The characters were good, although I could live without Gavin LOL


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