Wow, well, I’ve finally got round to catching up with all my reviews.

I don’t normally leave it so long and tend to review as I go but my brain has been tied up with writing and it’s all gone a bit sideways!

My first book released at the start of December, I’ll pop the links below incase anyone wants a nosey. Home was amazing and everything I hoped for. A light Christmas festive romance to set the scene for the rest of the series.


Add to your TBR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/54823238-home

But the series doesn’t stay there! Within Reach releases in a little under two weeks and I am well under way with preparations for that too! This one has a little more drama than Home and it only increases as we head down the rabbit hole with The Fated Series.

I am absolutely loving being able to weave this world into reality and the characters that reside within. It is so much fun but I need to be able to absorb others too.

I devoured Fulcrum by Max Henry yesterday. As always she blew me away with the culmination of four books and a finale that served the band well.

My next read is darker as I prepare to head into Sancte Diablo from Amo Jones; another author I can always guarantee an amazing world from.

I’ll leave the links for Within Reach below incase anyone is interested in a peek.

But I’m still here. Still reading. Still reviewing and still writing!

Within Reach

Add to your TBR:


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