The Substitute Review

Title: The Substitute

Author: Micky Miller

This is a standalone Romance story, you don’t need to have read anything else before heading straight in.

Now, this is my first Micky Miller read. I know, ridiculous right. How have I not read anything by him before? I can tell you, I will be reading more of them!

What a great little number this one is. I really liked the combination of him being a sports star and the small town Romance all tied up in a school setting. Just perfect.

Personal preferance, I would have liked to have had more of Paytons side of things throughout, but then I do love a dual POV. I just think it gives a little more depth to the character. But you do get all the info by the end and everything falls in to place just perfectly!

There is so much more to that “friendship” between Eric and Payton than what is alluded to in the book. And I feel like the dad is way too harsh on him considering his reasons. But then, equally would he have been able to put those reasons aside when the moment came. Such a tricky one.

Maddy is the perfect girl next door, literally. She is kind and sweet, she thought about others before herself. But then he rubs her up the wrong way, or the right way maybe and now shes second guessing herself. She does some serious life reassessment throughout this book, but then don’t we all after a major breakup.

Payton is hot, and funny, he’s cheeky and charismatic. Hes everything the high school jock is supposed to be. But somewhere down the line he got a little broken, and the pieces of his heart never quite fit right after.

This was a great story and I’d definitely recommend it!

Trust Review

Title: Trust

Author: Max Henry

This is a Twisted Hearts novella, you do need to read the Twisted Hearts duet before reading this.

I was really excited to join back in with Zeus and Belle but this one didn’t quite fill the void for me.

I am completely there with her on how frustrating being a new mum can be. How hard it must be to have all the money issues on top and losing the communication with your other half. What a nightmare.

But I dont feel like there was a resolution at the end of this book. Yes their connection was restored but what about Zeus and her dad? Did they get the studio set up and running in the end? What happened with pursuing his dream, did he work out what that was?

I mean, this totally has all the depth and emotion that I would expect from Max and it’s really well done. But I would have just liked more of a completed finish to it.

Buried Destiny Review

Title: Buried Destiny

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the fourth book of the Vein chronicles series and they do need reading in order.

What an amazing culmination of events! I have loved this series from the start. Isla, the hot and sassy vampire takes a back seat in this book as we follow the events through Sophie’s eyes, ears and heart.

Now, that’s not to say that we don’t get more kick ass vampire action, and some time with the very hot and brooding Thorne, because we totally do. But this book, takes us literally from the grave up, down and round the houses.

There are lots of questions answered in this book, and a few more posed throughout. One thing that is certainly not missing is the chemistry, and the depth of emotion. For a mindless mutt Connell sure manages to get the emotions going.

I really liked that this isn’t *just* a romantic love story, this would be nothing without the friendship and support of family. The friends who became our family, that pull us back in to ourselves when we’re lost, that call us on our sh!t, that hold our hands as they ask the hard questions.

Its beautifully balanced and wonderfully written. I’m still hoping Dante gets a book somewhere down the line! Hold your hats because it’s about to get windy in Kansas, the wicked witch is back!

Reckless at Ralieigh High Review

Title: Reckless at Raleigh High

Author: Callie Hart

This is the third and final book in the Raleigh High series, you need to read Rebel of Raleigh High and Revenge at Raleigh High first as they follow straight on.

And OMG what a way to finish the series. I was really not sure where it was all going with Hawk and the Dreadnaughts, it felt like a bit of a tangent, but it all fits together seamlessly. I’m sure it’s not, I’m sure it took a crazy amount of work to tie everything up and get all the pieces in the right places at the right time. It just flows so beautifully that you wouldn’t know.

Alex, oh Alex. He has come so far from the boy pissing in the grave. He has changed so much and yet is still the cocky, determined, bad boy we love. This book is hard on him, he has watched Silver go through so much, he has picked her up time and again. Now she has to learn to live again, and so does he.

Strong and silent is who Silver has been to the world. Its not quite who she has been with Alex, she can open up to him and break and he will help her piece everything back together. But now she has to work out how life goes on from here. How her former friends fit in to that and how you change when life changes.

This book is full of big stuff, emotional stuff, angsty heartbreak stuff and it’s done in such a way that you can’t help but pour from page to page until you hit the very end.

This is the most fantastic finale to the series and its done so so so so well!

Battle Hearts Review

Title: Battle Hearts

Author: Nina Levine

This is part of the Storm MC series and while you dont need to read all the books, reading the two previous Reloaded stories would be useful.

Ah Winter and Birdie, how I missed them so. This love is real love. This love has stood the test of time, of trial and tribulation, time and again. But once you have fought yourself and for your love and you have her/him, what comes next?

I love this slip back in to a couple after the happily ever after and riding off in to the sunset. To see what’s really going on behind closed doors. I loved seeing into King and Lily again and his perfect asshole self causing chaos as per usual.

This book takes you back in to the MC in a big way, you are absolutely thrown in to the complete chaos that is Storm MC at the moment and everything that comes with that. And you need it.

The personal things that Winter and Birdie are going through are hard. They are deep and emotional and things that families round the world are going through right now. And it hits home. You need that break from it and to have such complicated stuff going on is really needed.

This was a tricky one for me. My friend contacted me about the content as a warning because of my history, but I went in open. Nina has a way with tricky subjects and I didn’t want to duck out without giving her the chance and I’m glad I didn’t. This is done beautifully, with enough breaks and info without going too far in. A delicate balance I’m sure.

I can see why Nina has poured so many hours in to this book and it absolutely shows. It’s not a subject that many authors delve in to, as far as I’m aware, but something that touches so many womens lives.

There were sections that felt a little single minded, this isnt the only option or the only way, but i can see why Birdie feels that way. I would have liked to have seen acknowledgement of that earlier on in the book, but I’m being really picky and that’s only because its close to my heart.

This was a great story, really well done. She smashed it out of the park, again.

Now Open Your Eyes Review

Title: Now Open Your Eyes

Author: Nicole Fiorina

This is the final book in this trilogy, you need to read Stay With Me and Even When I’m Gone before reading this one.

Oh I have been not so patiently waiting for this one for quite some time and wow what a rollercoaster.

I’m a bit of a mixed bag of emotions at the end of this trilogy and the end of this book and while there are lots of really great things about it there are a couple that didn’t quite hit it for me.

Let’s just start this by saying Ollie and Mia are amazing. I have loved them both from the very beginning and they are just as fierce and amazing now as they were then, although they have grown and changed quite considerably their essences remain true for me.

There were a few bits towards the end that didn’t feel to be resolved for me, it didn’t feel quite over. Like there was still more to come.

This was absolutely another amazing installment with all the feels but I felt a little lost at the end with a number of things that weren’t quite tied off. Perhaps there will be answers in Ethans story.

Fake It Til You Break It Review

Title: Fake It Til You Break It

Author: Meagan Brady

So this is another new to me author, I’ve seen reviews of her other books and she comes well recommended with my book friends so when I saw she had a new one coming out i figured i should go for it. And I’m really glad i did.

I really liked this one. Next door neighbours, friends as kids, who went their separate ways as pre teens and then forced together at school for a project. Their chemistry is great from the get go and it only builds as the story continues.

I loved the push and pull between them and there were so many facets of this story it was great. Every time I thought I had it something else happened and threw it all off. Really well done!

A fantastic read and an author I will delay be picking up again!

Rumours Review

Title: Rumours

Author: HJ Bellus

Okay so the timing on this was fantastic! I just got finished with a few books and saw this one pop up. I have read a few HJ books before and know her writing is good so went straight in blind. And, oh boy, am I glad I did!

I have read her fighter books and this is definitely a contrast! But what an amazing surprise this book was!

Dalton is a commanding, assuming, insightful, flawed human being. He is tall and broad and full of all the amazing aspects you would expect from a book Boyfriend, while still managing to be humble and learning as he goes through.

Frankie is messed up, she has gone and is going through some horrendous ordeals in this story. This book does not hold any emotions back. While we don’t necessarily get all the gory details, we do get the trauma, anxiety and stress that comes with the aftermath.

I have no experience with the things in this book but it is clear that the author has done extensive research to bring us a hard hitting, compelling yet realistic tale. And it is done so, so well. I would have maybe liked a little more on Dalton and Truckee’s history but maybe that would come out in another story.

The supporting characters are the perfect compliment to the seriousness of what she is going through and I think I’m love with Truckee a little.

This story was fantastic and I can’t wait to see what she releases next!

Teardrop Shot Review

Title: Teardrop Shot

Author: Tijan

This is a standalone story.

Okay so I finished this a few days ago and I still dont know what to write here. What an amazing story.

Loads of people told me that they were gripped from the first few chapters but it wasnt quite that way for me. An amazingly emotive story that definitely keeps it interesting.

I really liked the development through the characters and the story, wow, just wow. They both have and are going through so much from beginning to end. Her reaction to the campers is perfect haha exactly what I would have done and his reaction to her is just awesome.

This was a really great read!