Rich Riot Review

Title: Rich Riot

Author: Max Henry

This is the third in the Arcadia high series, you need to read Good Girl and Bad Boys before reading this one as the story continues straight on.

I love how fluid this story is, how easily we can interchange from Riverbourne to Arcadia and the groups of people within.

Colt really comes in to his own in this story and it is fantastic to see a little more of Greer and some of the other secondary characters. But woah what on earth is going on and how long do I have to wait for the epic conclusion?

So many different things going on, not just in the two schools with their heriarchys, but also with the parents and then the theres Tuck and the other evolving relationships.

To me, this felt like a consolidation book. We are now firm in what happened at Riverbourne, what happened at Arcadia and where everyone stands. That is not to say that everything is wrapped up here. There are still lots of things we dont know and the conclusion is far from obvious.

This was another great installation in the series. The I love the characters and how they’re evolving and changing. Colt is back in favour and I can’t wait to see what hes got up his sleeve! Lacey is on the back foot, who will stand with her? What will happen?

In Peace Lies Havoc Review

Title: In Peace Lies Havoc

Author: Amo Jones

This is a standalone book.

Another great dark romantic suspense story from Amo Jones. Get ready to be dragged into the exciting world of Midnight Mayhem. Exciting, confusing, sexy as hell, this show has it all!

I love how she creates these worlds and the characters in them. As ever, we have some dark and mysterious super sexy bad boys attempting to run the world. And some unsuspecting confused girl whose being spun in the web, trying to catch and collate all the pieces together. Or maybe that’s just us as we go through the story haha

Dove is a hot mess. Every time I think shes getting it together something else comes along and throws it all off course. She takes everything in her stride, shes so internally strong, shes fantastic!

I love the Brothers! I think Killian is my favourite which feels a little unfair on King, our hero, but then it is what it is. King is dark and brooding, mysterious and dangerous. Everything you would expect from an Amo Jones hero/non-hero but I like the extra sparkle that comes with Kill.

Loved it 😍

Once Upon a Wish-Mas Review

Title: Once Upon a Wish-Mas

Author: Laura Barnard

This is a standalone Christmas novella.

I love Laura’s Christmas stories and I was all settled and ready to laugh my socks off in to the new year. Well, this one isnt quite like that.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is the occasional amusing blunder and Ruby is inappropriate and awkward as you would be. But there is so much more depth to this story.

I think it’s amazing how Laura can create such a depth of emotion and a full rounded complete story on a novella. To be able to take all the parts of a novel length story and condense it while still managing to keep the essence is fantastic.

I’m probably not explaining that very well, but the story is great. Ruby and Barclay are heartbreaking, and heartwarming, Lottie and Jessica are just gorgeous too.

A fantastic Christmas read!

Cold Queen Review

Title: Cold Queen

Author: K Webster

This is part of the Sinister Fairytales series but they are standalone.

This is the first I’ve read in this series and I havent missed anything within the story itself which is great.

What a fab installment. I love a good little novella and this filled the spot perfectly!

It’s dark and hot, a lost queen and a cocky king, what ever could go wrong, or right, there. Lies, betrayal and hot chemistry make for a perfect mix in this book!

Re Reads

So this week I have started the teaser weeks for the Dark Reads boxes over on Romance Readers Book Box UK. And I loooove the teaser weeks!

I get to share snippets about the authors and quotes from the included books and then people try to figure out which author it is. It’s great fun and I get to re read the books to get the teasers!

So I have read the book for author 1 and their teasers are being shared this week. Ive read the book for author 2 and I need to make the teasers ready for next week. But this is the first in a duet and I soooooo want to read the second one but I’ve got a BETA coming tomorrow and wont get time 😭

I love a good reread and I seem to pick up so many more of the little bits second time round. All the hints that were set up to lead you to that amazing finale are so much better second time around.

I love them!

5 minutes of peace

I’m sorry I’ve not checked in here recently I don’t feel to have stopped for 5 minutes lol

Things are in full flow ready for the winter and Christmas boxes for Romance Readers Book Box UK and that is taking some coordinating. Making sure everything is going to be in the right place at the right time is a bit tricky but I’m getting there.

I’ll be attending a book signing next year with a vendor table like I did in Sheffield which is exciting stuff. I cant say where as its not been announced yet but I’m looking forward to it!

The book boxes had their first unboxing on You Tube which was super exciting!

Even When I’m Gone Review

Title: Even When I’m Gone

Author: Nicole Fiorina

This is the second in this series and it has absolutely blown me away.

This is one of those books that once you have started you will not be able to put down. The story is incredible, its beautifully set up and you are led through on the absolute edge of your seat.

The emotions this author is able to take you through, from absolute desperation all the way to elation and every moment in between. You are in the story with the characters, you’re walking the halls and sneaking through libraries, you’re lost and alone despite being in the crowd and you’re riding the high in the best moments.

The way this web is spun is nothing short of magnificent. If you read one series this year, make it this one.