Anagram Review

Title: Anagram

Author: Sienna Grant

This is a standalone story.

I am sad to say this is my first Sienna Grant story but I can safely say it won’t be my last.

I really liked the dynamic between Reagan and Everett. Two high flying pharmaceutical reps that have everything they could dream of in this world including each other.

But when someone sets out to tear them down, they set out with a plan.

I really liked Reagan’s fun and playful side. Ruby was the perfect accomplice for this book and was a fantastic side character I’d love to see more from!

There were twists and turns and a compelling story that keeps you pulling through the pages.

Personally I struggled with the tense, first person is my go to so this took a little more concentrating on. But that’s a me work rather than anything to do with the story.

A fab four star read!


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