Burning Daylight Review

Title: Burning Daylight

Author: Skyla Madi

This is the second in the Devils Cartel MC Series and I would advise to read Burning Road first. While they could be read as standalone you get a better feel for the characters if you read them in order.

Loved Camilla, loved her strength and determination, loved the grit. I would have liked to have seen more, more of her past, more of what shaped her and more of what drove her. Not just love. Although that’s the drive at the end, its not at the start.

Judge was as mercurial and grumpy as I expected him to be. And yet there is a great big heart and a really big soft side underneath that exterior. For me, this was lacking some of the MC elements.

Everyone was there and everyone followed order – most of the time. But there wasn’t anything about their family ties and going to war together, everything they’ve done to pull themselves out of the bad they used to do.

The story was good, the characters were good it was an easy read that kept the pages turning.


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