Fulcrum Review

Title: Fulcrum

Author: Max Henry

This is the final instalment of the Dark Tide Series, I’m sure you could read them as standalone but you get a better feel for the dynamics if you read in order.

I have to admit I was scared. Scared that this is the end and there will be no more Dark Tide, and in a way it is. There’ll be no more books, the rest of their tales only to be spun in my imagination…but I wasn’t ready for the ride to be over. I’m still not.

Toby is everything I imagined he would be. And more. And I know, I say that at the end of every Max Henry book, what can I say? She takes the expectation and blows it out of the water every damn time.

Toby is the mother hen, without the maternal instinct. He is sometimes harsh and commanding in previous books and yet here we see behind that authoritative demeanor. The soft side within.

Art is pain, and the pain never goes away.

We find out the whys and the what for. And we learn it alongside the character. There are quite a few similarities between this and Reys story, but with brothers surely there should be?

“What do I have left when everyone in this world knows me as intimately as I do myself?” She smiles softly, taking my hand in hers. “You have your freedom.”

Not quite as soft as Tabby, Jeanie is driven and determined. Determined to make her mark and follow her destiny. She has insightful views on the music industry and why media are important despite the traps therein.

His insecurity shines through in the cadence of his words. “What do I have to give?”

Isn’t this just something we all struggle with in one way or another? Especially those with a creative outlet whose work is out there to judge and be judged. There are so many points in this story that resonated with me.

We all fall down. It’s how we rise that shows who we truly are.

I loved them. I loved the way they worked, the ways they didn’t. I loved seeing the band together at the end knowing the journeys they have all taken.

It’s bittersweet, the ending, it always is. But Toby and Jeanie were amazing, as expected x


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