Neat Review

Title: Neat

Author: Kandi Steiner

This is the second of the Becker Boys books and it was fab!

Logan is as hot as his big brother but without some of the cheeky charm. He’s a little more grounded, a little more something else. He’s thoughtful and focused, kind, loyal and determined. Which I guess is why being at odds with his family is so hard on him.

Mallory is absolutely not what I was expecting. She was awesome, well, she had her moments, but overall she was great.

The connection between the two was great, the story flowed beautifully. A super easy read!

Burning Road Review

Title: Burning Road

Author: Skyla Madi

This is the first book in the Devil’s Cartel MC series.

And what a first book it is! This book is hot hot hot!

I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I’ve been drowning in high school bully romance books but that was so refreshing. An alpha Male who knows what he wants, why he wants it, and when we can, goes and gets it. Faithful, loyal, will go to the end of the world and beyond to protect her. The perfect VP!

Burning Road is low on info about the actual MC and what’s going on in there but as an opening gambit that makes perfect sense. I’m sure there will be more about that as the series progresses, you don’t wan’t to chuck too much info in there and lose the romance story hidden within, it’s a balance.

James Creed is a force to be reckoned with. He is fierce! There’s not a great deal about his history, or past, how and why he came to be in the MC. Why is he hanging back on women? Who hurt him? What are his motivations here? But his fascination and obsession is here in detail!

This book is very in the moment, what is happening now and what is coming next. You could take any one of the guys, or girls, next and it would feel right. Personally, I’d like Judge or Armi to be next!

Izzy was infatuated, and after their first meeting I can kind of see why! I love that we get to see so much of what’s going on in her mind, its like we get this sneak peek into everything! And while we get more of her background and history we are still in the moment with her figuring one move through to the next.

This book is super hot and their chemistry is off the charts! With an MC full of men this hot I can only imagine what will come next!

The Game You Play Review

Title: The Game You Play

Author: LA Cotton

This is book 2 of the Rixon Raiders series.

And it was fantastic. Jase was everything I could have dreamed of. He was harsh, he was cruel, he was tormenting and tormented, a heartbroken, beautiful man. Wow.

I loved Felicity. She was awesome. She knew what she was risking and what she was getting herself in to before she went there. She is strong and independent, but shes not lonely for it. Shes still finding her way through life and love and ready and willing to make mistakes and sacrifices. That takes some serious inner strength and I admire that.

Another bunch of awesome secondary characters, although Grady can do one. I’m looking forward to Asher (he has to be next right?), he has been such an amazing character in these first two books and it would be great to see more of him!

This was a complicated story that took its time getting to where it needed to be, there were lots of threads to it that all came together really well in their own time. Beutifully done and looking forward to book 3!

Hated You Then Review

Title: Hated You Then

Author: M Robinson

This is the first books of the Love Hurts duet and what a way to start it.

I love how this covers things we’ve already seen in the Pierced Hearts duet but from a different angle. The cross overs are done beautifully, synchronised but unique.

I knew Jackson was going to be something else. It’s very similar in style to the Pierced Hearts duet, and again with the break at a pivotal moment. I guess it wouldn’t be a duet without an amazing ending like that!

Wow, just wow, Jackson will take you there and back, round the houses and over the hills. This is a real story that takes you through every emotion, there’s love and loss, the epic highs and the emotional lows. For such a young guy hes certainly been through plenty!

I loved being back in the home with Mia and Creed, it would have been nice to have seen some of the things going on with Harley as well as those with Jackson. What is her dynamic with Cash? I mean we know what Jackson thinks, but what is really going on there for her. She obviously has a life happening and things going on but we don’t get to see a great deal of that behind the scenes info from her point of view.

I love the push pull dynamic and enemies to lovers is totally my bag, even if this is more frenemies to friends, sort of, kind of not, so really still just frenemies at this point. Hmm that didn’t really work out right, but I’m sure it’ll be perfect once we get to the end of book 2!

I can’t wait to see where this goes and what is in store ❤

War of Hearts Review

Title: War of Hearts

Author: Nina Levine

I don’t know if this counts as standalone or the first in this section or if you need to read all the other ones or what but I’ve read them all so I’m up to speed.

What an amazing piece of work. I know Nina has taken some time to get this book where she wanted and it was absolutely worth it.

I’m not sure there is any other way that story could work. There was more than one moment I thought we weren’t going to make it and there wouldn’t be a happy ever after. I had faith and we got there but I can see why these characters have given her so much trouble.

I mean King is King. He is stubborn and hard headed, he is fierce and loyal and crazy, let’s not forget that. No-one in their right mind would chose to put themselves between him and something he loves. And if they did find themselves there, they better hope and pray to the Gods hes in a good mood.

Fury is, well, Fury is tricky. Hes hot, there was never going to be any question of that, he’s loyal and holds a Darkness that reminds me of King. It’s no surprise that they butt heads here.

This book is amazingly well done. I honestly don’t see how there could have been a HEA any other way. The story had to go this way to get everyone out of the other side in one piece. Another fantastic job!

The Trouble With You Review

Title: The Trouble with You

Author: LA Cotton

Loved this. I’m ashamed to say that this is my first book from LA Cotton, but what a book to start with!

I’ve never been a big sports fan, so I wasnt really sure how I would get on with a sports romance but I’m totally converted!

I love an enemies to lovers and this ticked all the boxes! I cant wait to see what comes in the next book!

Hailee was awesome. She is sassy and quirky, shes so strong and independent, but I love that doesnt make her a loner. Flick is the perfect side kick and there’s no resting on your laurels or getting away with stuff while shes on the case.

Jase, Asher and Cameron are a right trio lol they compliment each other so perfectly, even when they dont. They’re fantastic, and awful, and everything in between. I loved the way the guys came together and the life and love lessons within their group.

An awesome read. Now waiting for the next installment!

On The Rocks Review

Title: On The Rocks

Author: Isabel Lucero

A solid 4 star read. Slow burn, hot bartender, small town living. This book ticks all the boxes for sitting on a sun lounger round a pool or reading on your holiday flight.

Slow burn isnt a massive draw for me but I liked this book. Theres fun flirty chemistry and it gets hot hot hot!