Crowned by Fate Review

Title: Crowned by Fate

Author: Amo Jones

This is the second in the Crowned duet and runs straight on from Crowned by Hate, you do need to read that first.

Well my impression from the first book was definitely right, there was a lot of story to tell! And confusing, so confusing. Just when one thing falls in to place, another one falls back out.

This is going to be a duet I need to do a reread on to make sure I’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place! How this author manages to create such complex worlds I will never know. But it is done beautifully. And the sex, omg the heat level in this book is off the charts!

I need a Devon, and his story, well, that would be something else. Bryant, our sweet little messed up Dom. Hes a bit of a head case, but one that you want on your team not against you. The story just goes down and down and down, in a confusing spiral you can’t seem to catch.

It’s an intricate web she weaves, but the pain is worth it. Another great story.

For me, it felt a little over complicated and not all the sex added anything to the story itself. Perhaps it will all make more sense the second time round.


Crowned by Hate Review

Title: Crowned by Hate

Author: Amo Jones

This is the first in the Crowned duet, so you dont need to read anything before you start this. It is completely standalone to any of her other work.

Well, that was confusing. But that’s not an uncommon feeling when you get to the end of one of Amos books!

Bryant is, well I’m not sure what Bryant is. He’s hot, obviously, inked and dangerous, but we dont get to see too much in with him in this book. Hopefully we get to see more of him in the second.

Isa is confusing. Shes crazy, crazy wild and carefree. Except, that she’s not, with the right guidance.

It feels like this story has a long way to go, there is so much left be to explored in this world and I’m excited to see where she takes us.

Amo somehow manages to write the hottest bad boys that you love to hate and hate to love. But I feel like Bryant has a little more of a softer side to him, although they all do eventually. Cant wait for book two

Cherry Beats Review

Title: Cherry Beats

Author: Vikki James

This is the first in the series or a standalone story. You dont need to read anything before starting this.

Loads of people told me this book was good. But I’m not a hype person, I need to wait for all the buzz to die down before I read something, to be able to experience it naturally for myself. And I’m really glad I got this and waited.

What a great story. I loved that Tess got carried away with Presley. I loved that she needed to take time for herself. I really liked the twists through their journey. There were a couple in there expected and some unexpected, a few things I hoped for but didnt get.

I think this is my first Vicki James book, but it wont be my last. The writing is smooth and easy to read. It draws you in and keeps the pages flowing. But it’s not overly complicated and convoluted. I could have easily put it down and come back to it without needing to reread a whole load to catch myself back up.

The characters are fun and believable, they’re you and me, caught up in the limelight. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the band come up with!

Splinters of You Review

Title: Splinters of You

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is a standalone book.

It’s taken me a few days to digest this book, more time than it actually took me to read it incidentally.

This isn’t like reading a Romance story, boy meets girl stuff happens it all goes a bit wrong but they work it out. This is like reading a diary, its gentler in pace, more personal, more depth. As we get further through the story Magnolia takes us through her past, her present and her lack of future. We learn about her fears and her hopes, in a roundabout way.

I’m not normally a fan of single person POV, I usually much prefer to see both sides of the story but for some reason this really works. Maybe because it’s not your standard romance story, that different edge just works. I dunno, either way it’s really well done.

As the story of Magnolia Grace unfurls, you are drawn through the story, it’s not a conscious story of love, more of life and of loss. The things in her past have shaped her to who she is today, those broken pieces coming together to allow her to create her own masterpieces. She doesnt need saving, she doesn’t need a man to fill the gaps, to complete her.

You don’t need to be a damsel in distress to find love. Or to be worthy of it. A really amazingly done story!

Bottleneck Review

Title: Bottleneck

Author: Max Henry

This is the third in the Dark Tide series, they are interconnected standalones that can be read in order; Down Beat, Amplifier and then Bottleneck.

I’m gonna start off by saying that it’s not what I was expecting. From what I have seen of Emery so far, well let’s be fair, he’s been a mess. Yep, he’s mostly been a mess, but he’s had a few amusing moments and some clarity splattered throughout. Enough to sort Kris out and get Rey through before sinking back into oblivion.

There is obviously quite a bit of history to cover between the 10 years he and Alice have been apart, as well as their history from before that. But that very history makes for some funny and emotional moments in it’s own right.

We got to 80% and I thought, no way is she going to be able to wrap all this up before 100%. I was pretty much adamant I was going to be left with a cliffhanger but … I wasnt. Get ready foe a serious ride people, Emery isn’t taking any prisoners!

I cant wait to see what is going on with Toby, hes been elusive in the last two books and I’m hoping iping that’s because hes all tied up over a girl. We can live to dream right?

Another Sky Review

Title: Another Sky

Author: Jayne Frost

This is a standalone story.

I feel like this was more dance based than Rockstar, although I get his past informs the present and his reasons for how he is etc. But then I guess I’m getting stuck in the minor details there.

A good four star read for me. I liked the story and the characters, I can completely relate to her plight with the dancing and how it takes over your life and becomes everything.

I really liked how they grew together, they weren’t quite enemies, he was just an ass to start with. And there are some great secondary characters, the leaner, Taryn and Tori. It took a minute to figure out who was who and where everyone fit in relation to the original incident but this could easily be a tie in to another series.

Ill be reading other books by this author for sure!

Family Review

Title: Family

Author: Bea Paige

This is the third in the Academy of Misfits series and you do need to read Delinquent and Reject first as they do follow on.

What a way to finish the series! I was a bit this way that way about it after the first book but I’m so glad that I stuck with it, the second book was great and this one just built further on that.

All the romance base is there and this one just takes us deeper into the story. It gets twisty turvy and confusing as anything but totally worth every moment. There is depth to these characters, you love them and hate them, you want to see them rise and hold them when they fall.

This whole trilogy was really amazingly done and it’s going in my top of the year for sure!

Reject Review

Title: Reject

Author: Bea Paige

This is the second in the Academy of Misfits series and you do need to read Delinquent first as it follows straight on.

I loved this book! The first book had a great draw in to the series and set the relationships up beautifully. This book takes those relationships through to the next step. This book has all the heat and chemistry that I was missing in the first book. Now, I know they’re supposed to be youngish but I want some chemistry in my romance and boy, did this book deliver.

I love the transformation in the characters throughout this book. Camden and Eastern, Ford and Sonny. I loved it, I loved them. And that ending, OMG!

Asia is still kicking ass and taking names but she is also finding all this trickier than she was expecting to. This is hard stuff to traverse but with these guys behind her she can conquer the world! Heading straight in to the final installment!

Delinquent Review

Title: Delinquent

Author: Bea Paige

This is the first of the Academy of Misfits trilogy.

This series wouldn’t have normally jumped out to me, the cover isn’t my usual half dressed man for a start but it came well recommended by a trusted friend so I headed straight in.

I love the use of a prologue and this one grabs you and draws you straight in, it sets the scene beautifully. Asia is an interesting one, she is obviously very angry, life has dealt her a rubbish hand and she isnt making the most of it yet. But I love her sass and her spark for life, I love how she is a one woman whirlwind!

This book is four love stories twinned in to one, I was expecting a lot more heat but this is a great start to the trilogy and I’m heading straight in to book two!