Splinters of You Review

Title: Splinters of You

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is a standalone book.

It’s taken me a few days to digest this book, more time than it actually took me to read it incidentally.

This isn’t like reading a Romance story, boy meets girl stuff happens it all goes a bit wrong but they work it out. This is like reading a diary, its gentler in pace, more personal, more depth. As we get further through the story Magnolia takes us through her past, her present and her lack of future. We learn about her fears and her hopes, in a roundabout way.

I’m not normally a fan of single person POV, I usually much prefer to see both sides of the story but for some reason this really works. Maybe because it’s not your standard romance story, that different edge just works. I dunno, either way it’s really well done.

As the story of Magnolia Grace unfurls, you are drawn through the story, it’s not a conscious story of love, more of life and of loss. The things in her past have shaped her to who she is today, those broken pieces coming together to allow her to create her own masterpieces. She doesnt need saving, she doesn’t need a man to fill the gaps, to complete her.

You don’t need to be a damsel in distress to find love. Or to be worthy of it. A really amazingly done story!


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