Cherry Beats Review

Title: Cherry Beats

Author: Vikki James

This is the first in the series or a standalone story. You dont need to read anything before starting this.

Loads of people told me this book was good. But I’m not a hype person, I need to wait for all the buzz to die down before I read something, to be able to experience it naturally for myself. And I’m really glad I got this and waited.

What a great story. I loved that Tess got carried away with Presley. I loved that she needed to take time for herself. I really liked the twists through their journey. There were a couple in there expected and some unexpected, a few things I hoped for but didnt get.

I think this is my first Vicki James book, but it wont be my last. The writing is smooth and easy to read. It draws you in and keeps the pages flowing. But it’s not overly complicated and convoluted. I could have easily put it down and come back to it without needing to reread a whole load to catch myself back up.

The characters are fun and believable, they’re you and me, caught up in the limelight. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the band come up with!


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