Crowned by Hate Review

Title: Crowned by Hate

Author: Amo Jones

This is the first in the Crowned duet, so you dont need to read anything before you start this. It is completely standalone to any of her other work.

Well, that was confusing. But that’s not an uncommon feeling when you get to the end of one of Amos books!

Bryant is, well I’m not sure what Bryant is. He’s hot, obviously, inked and dangerous, but we dont get to see too much in with him in this book. Hopefully we get to see more of him in the second.

Isa is confusing. Shes crazy, crazy wild and carefree. Except, that she’s not, with the right guidance.

It feels like this story has a long way to go, there is so much left be to explored in this world and I’m excited to see where she takes us.

Amo somehow manages to write the hottest bad boys that you love to hate and hate to love. But I feel like Bryant has a little more of a softer side to him, although they all do eventually. Cant wait for book two


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