Crowned by Fate Review

Title: Crowned by Fate

Author: Amo Jones

This is the second in the Crowned duet and runs straight on from Crowned by Hate, you do need to read that first.

Well my impression from the first book was definitely right, there was a lot of story to tell! And confusing, so confusing. Just when one thing falls in to place, another one falls back out.

This is going to be a duet I need to do a reread on to make sure I’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place! How this author manages to create such complex worlds I will never know. But it is done beautifully. And the sex, omg the heat level in this book is off the charts!

I need a Devon, and his story, well, that would be something else. Bryant, our sweet little messed up Dom. Hes a bit of a head case, but one that you want on your team not against you. The story just goes down and down and down, in a confusing spiral you can’t seem to catch.

It’s an intricate web she weaves, but the pain is worth it. Another great story.

For me, it felt a little over complicated and not all the sex added anything to the story itself. Perhaps it will all make more sense the second time round.


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