Bottleneck Review

Title: Bottleneck

Author: Max Henry

This is the third in the Dark Tide series, they are interconnected standalones that can be read in order; Down Beat, Amplifier and then Bottleneck.

I’m gonna start off by saying that it’s not what I was expecting. From what I have seen of Emery so far, well let’s be fair, he’s been a mess. Yep, he’s mostly been a mess, but he’s had a few amusing moments and some clarity splattered throughout. Enough to sort Kris out and get Rey through before sinking back into oblivion.

There is obviously quite a bit of history to cover between the 10 years he and Alice have been apart, as well as their history from before that. But that very history makes for some funny and emotional moments in it’s own right.

We got to 80% and I thought, no way is she going to be able to wrap all this up before 100%. I was pretty much adamant I was going to be left with a cliffhanger but … I wasnt. Get ready foe a serious ride people, Emery isn’t taking any prisoners!

I cant wait to see what is going on with Toby, hes been elusive in the last two books and I’m hoping iping that’s because hes all tied up over a girl. We can live to dream right?


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