Reject Review

Title: Reject

Author: Bea Paige

This is the second in the Academy of Misfits series and you do need to read Delinquent first as it follows straight on.

I loved this book! The first book had a great draw in to the series and set the relationships up beautifully. This book takes those relationships through to the next step. This book has all the heat and chemistry that I was missing in the first book. Now, I know they’re supposed to be youngish but I want some chemistry in my romance and boy, did this book deliver.

I love the transformation in the characters throughout this book. Camden and Eastern, Ford and Sonny. I loved it, I loved them. And that ending, OMG!

Asia is still kicking ass and taking names but she is also finding all this trickier than she was expecting to. This is hard stuff to traverse but with these guys behind her she can conquer the world! Heading straight in to the final installment!


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