Truths That Saints Believe Review

Title: Truths That Saints Believe

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the second in the Klutch duet and you need to read The Lies That Sinners Tell first.

I feel like I’ve written and re written this review so many times!

I really enjoyed this story. Even though I wouldn’t and haven’t made the same decisions as the heroine. I struggled with her choices is in this and how she approached them but I can appreciate the emotion behind it.

So whilst those decisions aren’t part of who I am and how I think its written in a way that still allowed me to fall in love with the characters and their story.

Like I said in my review for book one; it’s different. Not your typical romance. But it’s beautifully written and an amazing world to fall into. I’m hoping there is more to come with these characters, I’d love to see Wrens story x


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