Beyond Solitude Review

Title: Beyond Solitude
Author: Kit Rocha

Book 4.5 in the Beyond Series. See the reviews for previous books:

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Book 4.5 – Beyond Solitude Review

We’ve seen a little bit of Ford in previous books but Mia is new to us. Another unhappy woman from Sector Two, seems there’s quite a few!

I’ve got quite a soft spot for Ford. He’s brash and grumpy, with huge shoulders and a big heart – one he’s not used to using! Learning to love and trust the promises made by becoming an O’Kane as well as himself can be hard for a man who’s come through what Ford has. It’s a learning curve that’s for certain!

Can Mia get through the lessons drilled in to her and move through them to true freedom? Of course she wants to, but there’s only one Alexa Parrino! Can she ever truly let her mask go and be happy?

Another great novella in the series!


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