Beyond Addiction Review

Title: Beyond Addiction
Author: Kit Rocha

Book 5 in the Beyond Series. See the reviews for previous books:

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We have met Finn before, briefly in another story, we’ve seen snippets of Jade before too. Trix had been the fringes for some time, along with Mad and Doc. So it’s great finally slot some of these pieces together, along with a of couple of hints as to what might be to come in the future.

At the heart, this is the story of Trix and Finn; her past catching up with her and the two of them learning to love and to trust completely. There is only so long you  run from your past and it’s gonna hurt when it catches you up!

This is a very emotional journey with lots of ups and downs and a few occasions I didn’t think they would’ve made through. It’s been a long time since I got teary at a book but this book did it!

A very emotional rollercoaster and a fabulous way to bring everyone together for what is sure to be coming their way shortly.

This really is a book that ties up loose ends! The free floaters in Sector Four; one from here, one from there, lives most touching but not quite, all wrapped up together and tied in tighter than ever. One family, one unit, O’Kane for life!

Looking forward to the next instalment!


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