Beyond Shame Review

Title: Beyond Shame
Author: Kit Rocha

Book 1 in the Beyond Series

What a great way to introduce us to sector life, walking into sector four in Noelle’s shoes, rescued by the wall with arms; Jasper McCray.

A young privileged woman alone and frightened in a dangerous place she doesn’t know or understand. Thrust unwittingly into the biggest gang in the sectors. Will she sink or will she swim and who will be on the ride with her?

Does our naive, young wallflower have the strength, grit and determination to survive out in the sectors or will she lose what little of herself she knows in the overwhelming feelings  being truly alive.

I love the snippets we get into some of the other couples and the bits that are picked back up in subsequent books ties it all together beautifully!

I do like a strong female character and this series promises a few of them. With some equally demanding, hot men around to boot. There’s some amazingly hot scenes in this book with the promise of plenty more to come!

Kit Rocha Beyond Pain (1)



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