Beyond Control Review

Title: Beyond Control
Author: Kit Rocha

Book 2 in the Beyond Series. See the reviews for previous books:

Book 1 – Beyond Shame Review

I was excited to see this is a look into our Sector King and his beautiful partner in crime, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint!

It was clear to see from the previous book that they have a tumultuous relationship and are both used to getting their own way but the twists and turns are dizzying!

Lexi was never going to be an easy one to read, in book one you could see the depths hidden within and the internal battles she fought to become who she is. It is very satisfying to see her from the beginning, to see what she has fought and conquered, to allow herself to be the woman she was meant to be.

Dallas fucking O’Kane. The one, the only. Our sector leader, cocky and amazing, how much is he willing to give up for his woman? He’s an all or nothing kind of guy and that could be exactly what he ends up with!

I loved the ending here, what a bloody ride!

Kit Rocha Beyond Control (2)


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