Steal My Breath Review

Title: Steal My Breath

Author: Nina Levine

What a breath of fresh air! This is romance and love, love the real world.

I have enjoyed Nina’s other series’ but they are set in a world I’m not normally a part of. She does such an amazing job drawing us in and making believe the world she has created with edgy, gritty characters covered in muscle and ink it almost comes as a surprise to meet Callie.

She could be someone you know, your friend, your sister, maybe even yourself. She is so completely someone you know that it makes it so simple to fall into her world and get swept along with her. I think this is what makes it such a comfortable read.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. There are ups and downs a plenty. This is by no means an easy ride or a straight forward story but Nina makes it so easy for us to live and love with these characters you too will be desperately waiting on the next book!

Another fantastic story from the wonderful Nina Levine!

Nina Levine Steal My Breath teaser



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