Beyond Possession Review

Title: Beyond Possession

Author: Kit Rocha

Book 5.5 in the Beyond Series. See the reviews for previous books:

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Quiet, careful Zan. What a big sweetie! He works protecting the girls by working the door at The Broken Circle and got shot while out protecting Trix. It comes as no great surprise that he wants to be the big protector for Tatiana.

Tatiana gives us a peek into what life was like in Sector Four before Dallas became king, as well as what she went through after he fell. It hasn’t been easy for her to carve her place, and as tensions rise in the market that place feels more tenuous than ever.

Can she trust Zan? What about Dallas? The timing is too precise to be an accident but what does that change?

A great novella and an interesting way to look backwards while moving forward!


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