Beyond Jealousy Review

Title: Beyond Jealousy
Author: Kit Rocha

Book 4 in the Beyond Series. See the reviews for previous books:

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Book 2 – Beyond Control Review
Book 3 – Beyond Pain Review
Book 3.5 – Beyond Temptation Review

Will Rachel find true love? Who will be the lucky man? Can Ace overcome enough of his own ego and testosterone to fight for the woman he loves? Will Cruz finally be able to break the Eden built shell around his heart and let her in?

So many questions I wasn’t really sure where to start with this book but what a ride it has been! There are some very sexy scenes set in this book, with old and new characters, that really help you get inside what’s going on emotionally.

It’s a really interesting idea, can a three way relationship work? Does it just come down to sex? How do they mentally and emotionally support each other? Do they even want to?

I love the differences in the characters in this book, it’s not quite choosing between an angel and a devil, but it certainly feels like it sometimes!

I like the ending in what I’m learning is true Kit Rocha style and a lead in to the next book.



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