The Fortunates Blitz

Okay so she’s totally not blitzing today BUT it’s the release for The Fortunates! Book 2 of an amazing erotic dystopian novel by the beautiful Skyla Madi! I absolutely loved this book and the first book (The Unfortunates) so get it downloaded people!

Read my reviews here:

The Unfortunates Review

The Fortunates Review

These are the links to purchase these amazing books:

The Unfortunates (#1):
The Fortunates (#2):

And heres a little snippet for you:

“I’d hold on to us until this world fades into the next.”
“And when that world dissolves into another?”
“Eternity is a long time, but it’d never change how I feel about you.”

He’s a complex man, Kaden Sario.

He doesn’t know if he wants to help me bring the new world into light or play ignorant and plunge this fragile society further into darkness.

He claims he’s capable of love and that he isn’t like them, but sometimes I see no difference.

There’s a restlessness growing in the pit of my stomach, and I can’t ignore it. Something big is coming, and I refuse to be on the wrong side when it hits.

I finally understand that, in this brutal society, it’s kill or be killed.


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