Beyond Ruin Review

Title: Beyond Ruin

Author: Kit Rocha

Book 7 in the Beyond Series. See the reviews for previous books:

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Way to start with a bang! And end with a twist!

I have been looking forward to reading the story of the illusive Adrian Rios for quite some time and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

A reflective look at the past of some of the less central characters so far and how their experiences ground them together.

I was a bit uncertain how a relationship with four people was going to work practically. It worked for Cruz, Ace and Rachel eventually but that is a life hard won and fought for. Would four people be able to over come the same arduous tasks that life throws at them?

Especially when those four are a prince, an orphan, a junkie and a spy. There’s some serious storytelling in this book! To guide you through four lives while keeping the story moving forward and leading through into the next book takes some real skill!

Very well written and stopped at the prefect place to lead on into the next book. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for the next chapter!

Another great book!


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