So what’s happening …

As you can probably tell from the recent reviews I’ve been quite distracted in Sector Four with Kit Rocha and the Beyond Series. I’m about to delve into book 7 which will no doubt seamlessly flow in to the most recent Book (Beyond Ecstasy), which is the one I’m yet to read.

As well as enjoying some time with Dallas and Lex, the fabulous Nina Levine has dished out her most recent portion of Ashton Cole. I really wanted to store a couple of episodes up to read in one go but I just can’t seem to wait long enough 🙂

Meet Ashton Scott…

He thought he knew it all. He knew nothing.

Ashton Scott thinks everything is available for a price.

That is, until he meets Lorelei Winters.

She’s going to teach him that not everything he craves can be bought.

A new web serial from USA Today Bestselling author, Nina Levine.

Warning: Contains a panty-melting, suit-wearing alpha & a sassy woman who argues way too much with her man for his liking.

For anyone yet to meet the amazing Lorelei you can get these free on Nina’s website;

or download on your kindle:

1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –


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