Running on Empty Review

Title: Running on Empty
Author: Golden Czermak

This is Book six in The Journeymen Series, find my other reviews here:

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Well it is bittersweet to be here. Part of me was excited to start and part of me wanted to put off the inevitable end of the series, but there is only so much procrastinating you can do before you have to dive in!

It’s hard to find something else to say really … the descriptive style is beautiful. You are guided through the story with a gentle hand, that’s not to say that this isn’t an emotionally turbulent book, but there is such care with the writing, you are not alone in your love, loss and heartbreak.

There has been such a build up to this epic finale and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.  There are some amazingly fantastical monsters, and a few that I had to look up!

Our demon Dajjal, on a high from his win over Gage, is tearing life up left right and centre and enjoying every moment of the fear and chaos. Can the Journeymen rally together in this dark time to save themselves and the rest of mankind?

It seems we come full circle and are taken back to three friends laughing, joking and kicking ass. Though they are not who we started with, life will never be the same for those left behind. This has been a truly epic journey with twists and turns a-plenty.

There is obvious care in the writing, and it’s easy to see characterises of some of the authors close friends hidden throughout the book. The odd eyebrow raise to Pecan pie and pancakes, you can see this last been a labour of love.

I am sad to see it end, but the journey there was fantastic! I can’t wait to see what else Golden is going to share with us in the future.

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The End Has Come
From author Golden Czermak, comes the final installment of the Journeyman Series.

The Order has grown into a powerful alliance of monsters, humans, and more, all rallied against Dajjal and his demonic forces. The largest supernatural battle of all time is now poised to sweep across the Earth.

Running on empty and digging deep to their last breaths, it’s time for the last vestige of light in the world to fight against the night.



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