Made To Suffer Review

Title: Made to Suffer
Author: Golden Czermak

This is Book 3 in The Journeymen Series, find reviews for previous books here:

1 – Homeward Bound Review

2 – Seal of Solomon Review

Well he’s only gone and done it again, another roller coaster of a ride with Gage Crosse!

I really like the descriptive style of writing in this series, it’s just amazing and drags you in to the thick of the action. Cinemagraphic in nature you could almost be stood in the story with him.

This book sees us step back a little from Gage and Ady, let’s be fair they’ve had enough drama so far! While still following our original trio, now a quartet, through their adventures we also get to see what is happening in the wider world. A fabulous following with the Elven Kingdom and all the excitement happening for Demon kind.

I know you are not supposed to like the baddies but Dajjal is awesome! He comes in and kicks ass and completely rocks it. There are some fabulous scenes from him and I am really looking forward to reading what comes next.

There are subtle hints throughout of what may or may not come next and some very close to life characters. This is a complete roller coaster of a ride and takes you through every emotion and back.

Once again we are all left waiting to see what is next round the corner.

Ready for Book 4. Like tomorrow.


The Adventure Continues

From author Golden Czermak, comes the third installment of the riveting Journeyman Series.

The Celtic Otherworld sits on the edge of a knife, threatening to fall into the waiting jaws of civil war. With the fate of the fourth artifact hanging in the balance,

can the Journeymen succeed in preventing such an atrocity from happening?

Complicating matters, the great demon Dajjal has finally made it to the Earth. Dispensing with niceties and formality, he asserts his dominance over the Noctis, their allies, and all other living things.

What hope do the worlds have for peace when they were Made to Suffer?


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