Homeward Bound Review

Title: Homeward Bound

Author: Golden Czermak

Cover Design: Furious Fotog

Well, where do I start with this review? We are seriously thrown in the deep end in this new world! No gently leading you in to the story but absolutely action packed from the start to the end.

I struggled a bit at first with the writing style, I’m used reading from the characters point of view so it took a bit of getting used to reading from the outside again. That being said, I really loved the descriptive style once I got into it. Almost panoramic in nature you could nearly be watching a film instead of reading the book!

I completely see why the fantastic Caylan Hughes is on the cover of this book, he could be our main hero! Muscles to die for, a really cheeky grin, fun and flirty but able to be deep and serious too. Gage Crosse was thrown into this world much as we have been, feet first, and with his team he is making his mark on it.

This completely action filled book keeps you turning the page’s and definitely leaves you wanting more. Looking forward to the next book!

Golden Czermak Homeward Bound teaser


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