Beautiful Assassin Review 

Title: Beautiful Assassin 

Author: Skyla Madi 

This is a standalone novel. 

Another fab read from Skyla Madi, perfect for your fun and flirty weekend read!

Cammie finds herself being stalked by her to be assassin. Leaving little hints he has been around, a rose here, a note there. Slowly, but surely, letting her know that he is coming for her. But what will happen when he does?

Keeping secrets is a dangerous game in the mob, whether you want to be in it or not, your life hangs in the balance. Used and abused, her career thwarted and her options running out with an assassin on her tale Cammie finds herself at an impasse. Who can she turn to in this dark hour? No one.

As we are guided through this great tale we find a strong woman who has lost her way; broken by a man who doesn’t deserve her, and a deserving man who is broken. Can two halves make a whole or are the pieces from different games?

Fabulous characters, great interaction and a build up to an amazing ending – another great job by Skyla Madi x


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