Well I thought that I better get myself organised and get some books together ready to read and review before FBBF17, you know, now I got VIP tickets and everything!!

What can I say? I’m still a little excited about that haha

So I have had a go through my kindle and work out what I have got from each of the authors; what I have read, reviewed and is to be read. And it turns out … I’ve got quite a bit! In face, I have at least one book for all bar about half a dozen of the authors, which is fairly good going if I do say so myself!

I was working on only getting really into a few of the authors, I we have 2 hours in the signing room and there are 42 authors I was to see, that literally gives me like 2 minutes per author and that is rubbish! I wanted to stick to fewer authors that I love and get to spend a bit of time with each one, pictures and signing and stuff exciting stuff!

I have read all of River Savages books before the announcement so that’s done that definitely  has to be on the MUST SEE list. I have read and fallen in love with the stuff by Amo Jones, so she has to go on the list too. Also Will Greer, bless his soul, let me do a BETA read for him recently, and one of his characters in another series is called Dominic .. he’s on the list too!

I loved Depths of Salvation by Molly E Lee and am looking forward to reading Collecting the Pieces by LA Fiore. Oh and  Laura Barnard sent me Adventurous Proposal … well she has to be on the list because that is some funny stuff!

I can see as time goes on and I read more of these books that I am going to want to see everyone … and spend loads of time with everyone … and its probably not going to happen 😦 but lets just see how we get on eh!

Ill come back and update this list every now and again when I’ve read and reviewed some of the authors x

Nazarea Andrews
The Scionless House
Jana Aston
Laura Barnard
Adventurous Proposal Review 
Dopey Women
Sex, Snow and Misteloe
The Debt & The Doormat
Louise Bay
A Week in New York
Rachel Brookes
Just Breathe
Terri Anne Browning
The Rocker who Holds me
Audrey Carlan
Tillie Cole
It ain’t me, Babe
Claire Contreras
Zara Cox
Jillian Dodd
That Boy
Ker Dukey
Beth Ehemann
JC Emery
Stylo Fantôme
LA Fiore
Kitty French
KM Golland
WS Greer
Red Snow
Frozen Secrets
Long Live the King
Kingpin Review
RL Griffin
Callie Hart
Between Here and the Horizon
SK Hartley
BJ Harvey
Temporary Bliss
Game Player
Amo Jones
Losing Traction
Hellraiser Review
One Hundred and Thirty Six Scars Review
Tainted Love Review
Intricate Love Review
Perilous Love Review
Lesley Jones
K Langston
Molly E Lee
Edge of Chaos
Depths of Salvation Review
Isabel Lucero
Think Again
KC Lynn
Fighting Temptation
Jodi Ellen Malpas
Corinne Michaels
Monica Murphy
One Night
Fair Game
BB Reid
Fear Me
Krista & Becca Ritchie
M Robinson
River Savage
Hetch Review
Incandescent – read but not reviewed
Affliction – read but not reviewed
Desertion – read but not reviewed
Infatuation – read but not reviewed
Paradox – read but not reviewed
Reclaimed – read but not reviews

LJ Shen
J Sterling
Tessa Teevan
Lani Lynn Vale
Center Mass
GJ Walker-Smith
Saving Wishes
Mariana Zapata
Lindy Zart
K Langston

Because You’re Mine


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