Intricate Love Review

Title: Intricate Love

Author: Amo Jones

This is book 2 in the Sinful Souls MC series, you can find the review for book 1 here;

1 – Perilous Love Review

Okay so Zane was hot! But Blake is hot too … and hard-core.  He holds no punches, he takes no prisoners and he shows no mercy.

Vicky is young and free, enjoying life. She comes from money and so is young and carefree without having to worry about making rent or how much she spent on those last shoes. She loves life and she lives it fast and loose. At least until a certain sexy biker rocks her world.

They are the perfect opposites. Yet she still has enough backbone to be able to hold her own when she needs to. I love that the women in this series are not weak or washy. They are as solid as the men they stand beside.

I really liked the way we went back in time before starting, seeing how they met before Alaina and everything that happened in Perilous Love. I really liked the dynamic with Vicky and her family and how the group works as a whole.

My favourite quote of the book has to be this one, this is just the book in one line! A classic, with a fresh edgy twist.

“You got me at Metallica,” I whisper, looking deep into his eyes.

Really looking forward to heading into book 3!


Vicky Abrahams has a tendency to get herself into tricky situations. But after a crazy spring break with one of her best friends she has a bigger situation she needs to deal with- Blake Rendon.

Blake is part of the Sinful Souls MC. Her has never been interested in anything serious with any woman, until Vicky. This interest results in him taking time to figure out his feelings for her.

Is it too late once he does?

Has Vicky already moved on?

Tired of all the secrets that almost broke her, she has every reason to be upset.  But under it all, there’s no one quite like Blake fucking Rendon. Watch this story unravel as you meet new characters and new stories.


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