Hetch Review

Title: Hetch

Author: River Savage

Cover: LM Creations

Well I think it’s safe to say if you ever wanted to know how to write a first kiss – this is it! That’s got to be the hottest first kiss I’ve ever read! There are some hot scenes in this book but, for me, the kisses in here are the best! They way River draws you in to the moment – you could almost be there yourself.

There are some really feel emotional moments in this book and I had to take a break part way through as it really resonated with me. It takes a special something in a writer to be able to tackle some of the topics in here without losing your audience. To be able to not only broach the subject but kick is ass on the way is something else.

There is a great mix of fun and flirty, hot and heavy and deep connection in this book – another amazing read from the beautiful River Savage 🙂

River Savage Hetch


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