Arrogant Playboy

Title: Arrogant Playboy

Author: Alex Wolf and Sloane Harper

This is the fourth book in the Collins brother series but can be read as a standalone.

This book is by far my favourite of the series, not only because enemies to lovers is absolutely my thing but Donovan was fantastic.

He is hot, dominant, broody and intense – like all the other brothers, but more so. He is the culmination of all the titles, hes filthy and arrogant, cocky and possessive but his vulnerable moments are beautiful.

I loved the way we were able to delve back through his and the family history. It allowed some really great moments in this story, between Decker and Donovan, and their parents and obviously between Donovan and Paisley. To find those still moments within everything else was like a little gem.

I liked Paisley too, she was confident and sassy, she gave him as good as he gave her and was absolutely not afraid to go after what she thought was right. This book was about so much more than just the two of them and really rounded out the rest of the stories so far.

It’s a 4.5 from me, I’m definitely going to continue with these authors 😍


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