No Prince Review

Title: No Prince

Author: Stevie J Cole & LP Lovell

This is a standalone story.

I’m not really sure where to start with this one. Zepp is your typical alpha bad boy, he drinks, smokes, f**ks and generally doesnt care about anyone outside of his circle. But when that circle extends to include a girl he’s had his eye on, one that’s absolutely not interested in him, then things get fun!

The chemistry and heat level in this book is hot hot and what a feisty team they make. I love the push and pull dynamic in an enemies to lovers story and this book doesnt disappoint. There are a few discrepancies and I would have liked more explanation towards the end, it got a bit busy and wrapped up quickly.

But overall I liked the characters and the story, Zepp is hot hot and Monroe isnt going to back down and roll over for him. They were fantastic!


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