Filthy Playboy Review

Title: Filthy Playboy

Author: Alex Wolf and Sloane Harper

This is the third in the Collins brothers series but can be read alone.

This is the first book that has actually lived up to its title. He is a little bit filthy and he is a little bit of a playboy, well he used to be. I feel like the authors are starting to find their rhythm together and the stories are starting to come together nicely.

I was pretty excited to read Dexter’s story, he seemed like a pretty fun yet intense guy from the previous books and I loved how he relied on his twin. He absolutely is fun and intense and manages to be both at the same time here and there. The dynamic between the family is really great and we get to see right in to the heart of them in this book.

Family is important to all the Collins brothers but we get to see some sneak peeks behind the scenes in to the family that brought up these guys and who instilled these traits in to them. I loved meeting mum and dad and seeing the more vulnerable side to Dex, almost as much as I loved his bedroom talk.

Abigail is fun and sweet and a lot was played on about her age and being immature. I was already engaged by her age and had been in a 5 year relationship prior to that so it seemed a little disingenuous to me. Her naivety came through, and could have done so without referencing how old and innocent she is, which gave her a sweet edge even though she knew her own mind and was making her own way.

The two of them were a great combination and I really liked their story, looking forward to seeing what will happen for the final story!


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