Stealing Cinderella Review

Title: Stealing Cinderella

Author: A Zavarelli

This is a standalone story.

I’m a bit this way that way about this one. There were a few moments that just made me think WTF but I think it’s a 3.5/4 from me.

I liked most of the story, there were a few things that stuck out as not quite right. We start off in a typical Cinderella story, filled in on the backstory we join her as a teen and get a glimpse in to the horrendous life she has has thus far.

But then it all takes a little twist. I love that her friend became her fairy godmother and how the ball event was put together and done. The BDSM aspect was minimal and it was mostly just abuse which is disappointing but I loved the mix of Calder and Thorsen throughout the story.

I found Ella to be sweet and sensitive but emotionally and mentally strong, which is good because she needs to be. The twists and turns are good, the combination of modern day technology with norse gods and Thor, her God of Thunder is interesting.

Overall, I’m still not sure if this is a hit or miss for me, there were elements I liked and elements I didn’t


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