Possessive Playboy Review

Title: Possessive Playboy

Author: Alex Wolf & Sloane Howell

This is the second book in the Cocky Suits series but you can read as standalones.

Okay, so, this one is a 3.5/4 for me. He wasnt so much possessive as he was Clingy. For me, I needed a badass alpha male to come in and take what he wants, claim it and mark it. Rather than this take what you can get and wear her down until she gives you a chance. I also appreciate the Playboy theme throughout the titles, but once again he didn’t seem like a playboy to me?

I had a vague idea about who was who having read book one, but it was a while ago and a little refresh on which was big brother and who were the twins etc would have been useful info to have included. But the little refresh on Tecker was absolutely perfect!

I felt a little like there were two different versions of Deacon. Sometimes he was bold, cocky, confident, laughing and joking with his brothers and when out in public. Then there was the love sick version of him who couldn’t quite seem to get himself together.

Quinn was an odd one too. She was cold and dismissive, she already had one foot out the door with him before he started. She had so much going on outside of the office and was not exactly being honest with her friend or her colleagues.

I love how hard he had to work to get get her attention. And once she started to let him in and get to know him I liked the guy. I also liked Dexter and all his thoughts on the situation too, it would have been good to have seen more of him earlier on in the story and if Heather had been a stronger character there could have been some really great secondary characters in here too


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