Collateral Review

Title: Collateral

Author: Callie Hart

This is the final book in the blood and Roses series and they do need reading in order.

I always struggle towards the end of a series, I’m not ready to let the characters go. I’ve found myself putting this one down more often to try and string it out a little bit but all good things must come to an end and wow has this been a good thing!

What an amazing way to end the series. I’m sure I’ve lost a little bit of my soul to Zeth throughout these books but it’s okay, he can keep it. I love where he is now compared to where he was at the beginning. This is not a man “fixed” or changed but a man opening up to the possibilities of life and love and everything that comes with it.

This is another book that keeps you guessing right until the very end, that continues to surprise and confuse in equal measures. Everytime I think I have it, I don’t, I’m going to give up trying to figure these books out one day! The story is captivating and intriguing and it keeps you turning the pages from the first page right through to the last.

An amazing conclusion!


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