Twisted Review

Title: Twisted

Author: Callie Hart

This is the fifth book in the Blood and Roses series, they do need reading in order.

I’m so glad I can read these all in one go, anyone reading as she published must have been pulling their hair out lol

Another cliffhanger but this is the last one because there is only one more book to go! I’m normally not a big fan of cliffhangers but I’m finding this is okay because I already have the next one, I like that each book breaks at a good point. Theres plenty wrapped up already in this story but once again when you think everything is falling in to place it all goes back out the window.

I still love Zeth, he’s still possessive and demanding and grumpy and all of the amazing things that I loved about him from the start. But there’s a little softness creeping in there, there is something happening, changing, he is changing. Its really great to see!

I’m heading in for the end because I really can’t wait!


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