Fracture Review

Title: Fracture

Author: Callie Hart

This is the second in the hr Blood and Roses series.

I didnt realise this was a series of novellas but this was another hot little instalment. I bought these as the set at some point a while ago and they’ve been sat on my kindle waiting for a rainy day. Well, that day has arrived and I’m so glad!

The story is starting to get complicated and I’m losing where I am with what’s going on with Charlie and Zeth a little bit. Because there are so many other factors going on here with Lacey and Pippa and with going for Alexis. There are lots of gang names that I’m losing hold of lol

But I’m really enjoying it. I like the dynamic between Lacey and Sloan, I love that they’re on this mission together now. When Lacey needed a person Sloan was able to stand up and be there for her and now in her own way Lacey is returning the favour. I really like the strong women in this book, no wilting wallflower over here.

And Zeth, oh the hot masculine alpha male is going all crazy over himself and I love it. In to the next book I go!


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