Burn Review

Title: Burn

Author: Callie Hart

This is the third in the blood and roses series, they do need reading in order.

Wow, what a crazy episode of this series! So much has happened I don’t even know where to start. I’m loving Michael. I know, I know, hes been a bit not right keeping things from Zeth but hes humbug and quiet and he knows how to wind him up and when to relax back. Hes great!

I am in no way surprised that things havent exactly gone to plan, I’m not sure there even was a plan in the first place. It seems no matter what happens, theres a hiccup.

The romance side of things is coming on nicely though. They’re both starting to see this for something deeper and they are absolutely beginning to fall. Zeth is possessive and lethal, a combination you definitely want on your side and not against you. And Sloane is starting to get confidence in herself and how he feels about her. They say actions speak louder than words and Zee is definitely a man of few words.

I cant wait to see what happens with the sisters so I’m going in to the next one!


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