Deviant Review

Title: Deviant

Author: Callie Hart

This is the first book in the Blood and Roses series.

Okay so how have I managed to go on for so long without reading this series? Zeth has popped up in a couple of other stories I’ve read by Callie and hes always been a pretty intense and intriguing character and that holds through in this book too!

This book is HOT, like hot hot hot, really really hot. Zeth is powerful and commanding and he takes no prisoners. The chemistry between him and Sloane is practically jumping off the pages at you. We learn some in this story, about him and his history but not much and I can’t wait to dive in and see what else is in the rest of the series.

Sloane, I mean, wow, what a way to start a book. Not only is it sexy as hell, but theres depth and past to her, something is eating her up inside and we still need more of the details.

This book is a fantastic taster, it literally just whets your appetite for the next book. I’m so glad the series is complete and I can head straight in!


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