Old Fashioned Review

Title: Old Fashioned

Author: Kandi Steiner

This is the fourth book in the Becker Boys series, they should be read in order starting with On The Rocks.

I think I’ve got a new favourite. Logan has been my favourite brother so far, but Jordan is up there with him too.

The silent brooding type, we havent seen a great deal of Jordan through the other books. He’s been about, of course, quietly available in the background but now it’s his time to shine. And he sure is swoon worthy and shining away!

The eldest brother, the one who pulled everyone together when their lives fell apart 10 years ago, the stoic rock of the family. What a beautiful story he has!

And how perfect is Sydney for him, shes sweet and kind but sassy and strong. Shes lived through so much and yet is still forging forward with her life. I really liked that we didnt go in to the nitty gritty of her past, there was enough infomation to inform the story without us dragging through the history. There is more than enough emotion throughout the story, it didnt need that in too.

The sassy new girl with well hidden low self esteem, with fear for herself and her daughter. She’s brought out of her shell by a man who challenges her and fascinates her in equal measure. She draws him out of his comfortable life and infuriates him as much as she brings him to life. They are a fantastic match up and the dynamic between them is great.

There is so much to get through story wise in this book but that doesn’t mean that it is low on the Romance. Jordan and Sydney are front and foremost and their tale is beautiful and tragic all at the same time, such highs tempered by the lows. Add in all the extra stuff with bkth their pasts and the work dynamic and things get a little crazy in there for a hot minute.

This story resonated with me on so many levels, her becoming a mum, being the eldest sibling, surviving through trauma. I felt her fear and her connection and yet I couldn’t bare to put it down, page after page I needed to see them through.

This was a really fantastic ending to the series, amazingly tied up and put together. Definitely a series to read and love!


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