Elijah Review

Title: Elijah

Author: Nikki Ashton

This is the first book in this series so you can head straight in without having to read anything else!

I love this cover, it’s so intense and broody, just like the guy it represents. Eli was great. He was a proper fella, down to earth, making stupid mistakes and not listening to his friends and family. You know, all the usual stuff that guys do when they’re being dumb.

Amy is pretty cool too and she got there in the end. I like the way their first love story is intertwined with their current love story. The build up to the finale is fantastic, I was worrying about what kind of an end we were gonna have but I needn’t have worried 🙂

I kind if had an inkling there was gonna be a tricky one thrown in there for me and there was. It was raw and it was real, it wasnt my experience but it was handled well and with tact.

A great read and I’ll be heading in for Sam’s book shortly!


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